Wordless Wednesday


I watched the spider weave this web. Watched the tiny dots hatch into tiny spiders. And then today, they emerged. It’s been a daily pilgrimage for me to check on the nest. I’m so pleased the web survived the farm tractors, dog walkers, stormy weather. I whispered good wishes to the babies as they drifted on the wind. And pondered on the things that make me happy. They are the simple pleasures in life. The things that money can’t buy. 

Tiny bee on cow parsley

Photos from the lane outside my garden gate. 

Tiny bee and cow parsley. 

Sweet smelling dog roses in shades of white and pink 

Dog roses tumble from the Hawthorne hedgerows 

Dog roses as beautiful as any cultivated form

Loved by bees. I think this is called hawkweed. 

Wild sorrel. Leaves can be used for delicious soup.

Wild sorrel ripens to this beautiful red colour 

Pink cow parsley – as pretty as any garden flower 

Tiny wild geraniums  

I hope you’ve enjoyed a walk along our country lane in June. Are there any wild flowers when you live?