Follow the links for family favourite recipes using produce from the fruit and veg plot.

Beetroot Cake

Lemon Thyme and Leek Tart

Candied Orange Peel :.

Plum Jam/ Plum Crumble

Chocolate Mandarin Fridge Cake

Vegan Chocolate and Banana Cakes

Summer Lemon Biscuits

Chocolate Beetroot cake / Strawberry Cheesecake recipe

Leek and potato pies

Garden Jam

Fat-free cake

Garlic wash for slugs and aphids.

Fruit Cake with Orange Slices

Ten Minute strawberry Jam Biscuits

Apple Cake

Japanese Rice and Herbs

Five Minute Microwave Pudding


Plum or apple and almond cakes

Chocolate and orange fridge cake for Easter