Garlic Wash Recipe for Hostas. Defeating Slugs…

On Sunday, we had a question on protecting hostas from slugs – on the BBC radio gardening programme I sit in on.

My panel team mate Nick Turrell and I talked about using Strulch Mulch – a mineralised straw mulch that’s got a scratchy surface that slugs don’t like.

We also mentioned a garlic wash spray we have both tried and tested. We found it works a treat. It deters slugs, but does not poison them. This means the slugs are left available as food for birds and mammals such as hedgehogs. You’ll need to repeat the treatment regularly, especially after rain. I put my mixture in a 3l Hozelock sprayer and leave it in the potting shed ready to treat them. I’ve found it also deters aphids and is good for spraying roses.

The recipe comes from Sienna Hosta, a multi- gold medal winning nursery specialising in hostas. They do not use any other chemical treatments.

Here is a snapshot of their website showing their recipe for the garlic spray.

Here’s a link to their website.

We also talked about no-dig gardening, protecting soils and coping with flooding. Charles Dowding is the expert on no-dig.

Here’s the link for Strulch Mulch.

Here’s a link to the radio programme BBC Radio Leicester’s Sunday Supplement. We are the middle hour of Dave Andrews’ show.

At 1.09.16 on the timeline at

We also mentioned our appeal for hedgehog food from Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital. They have 260 hedgehogs in their care and are taking in around 10 a day. Hedgehogs are either ill, underweight or injured having been washed out of their nests in the floods. Hedgehogs eat meaty dog food, the solid loaf -type, and not containing gravy, jelly, or made with fish. They also desperately need puppy milk for the babies, and heat pads and incubators. They have an amazon wish list and an appeal fund.

And also we talked about Belvoir Castle Flower and Garden Festival which was launched this week :

14 thoughts on “Garlic Wash Recipe for Hostas. Defeating Slugs…

  1. Hi, although I followed recipe and advice to the letter, not seen any slugs on Hostas, (I started treating as soon as they started shooting through) they are still being munched by snails πŸ€”are they immune, or have I got French snails that love garlic?

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  2. I protect hostas from slugs by not growing any. There are a few here that were here before I got here. They do surprisingly well, but only part way through summer. The main problem here is the minimal humidity. Deer get them in neighbors gardens.

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  3. Karen the first thing I have done has been to listen to your BBC radio show on the 17th with the link you left. The little that I have understood has seemed very interesting. I love the garlic wash spray recipe that drives away but does not kill slugs in hostas. And it is multipurpose: for aphids and roses. Poor hedgehogs with floods, it’s a shame. Luckily they have the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital where they are cured and cared for, but they urgently need food and milk for babies because they do not give enough. Karen I have not written before in your blogs because I feel very bad mood, I hope you understand. A lot of love, a lot of health, a lot of strength and a lot of encouragement for your whole family and for you and Mr B. Loving caresses for Grace and Meg. I shelter because it is very cold here in Madrid and it rains: you do the same please. Keep warm. Take care Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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