Rhubarb Cakes- Family Favourite Recipes

Here’s a quick and simple recipe using the first rhubarb of the season. We have literally run out of all treats in the house. I suddenly realised, if I wanted to have something nice for tea, I’d have to make it myself. Luckily the rhubarb clump we saved from Joan and Keith’s garden, now growing in a huge pot, is producing a daily supply of delicious fruit for baking. Enjoy!


For the base:

25g butter or vegan spread

50g light brown sugar

400g approx rhubarb, or whatever you have in stock. Can be peaches, apples, mandarin, pears, cherries.

For the topping :

50g butter or vegan alternative

150g sugar

3 eggs or alternative

190g SR flour

120g plain yoghurt

Few drops vanilla essence

Icing sugar to dust the tops

Oven temperature 180C

A pie dish, or loose-bottom cake tin. I used a 12 hole silicone muffin pan. Use a circle of greaseproof paper if you are not using silicone.


Melt the butter and sugar base ingredients together in the microwave. Take care not to burn it. Place in the bottom of the dish or muffin pans.

Remove the skin of the rhubarb and chop the sticks into small pieces.

Place rhubarb on top of the base mixture

Cream together the topping mixture butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs.

Fold in the flour and yoghurt.

Spoon the mixture over the rhubarb.

Cook for 35- 40 minutes or until the cakes slightly shrink from the sides, and a knife comes out clean. It will be less time for muffin cakes.

Leave to cool. Turn out onto a plate, upside down, and dust with icing sugar.

Keeps for three days in an airtight tin. Or can be frozen. Lovely with icecream, custard or just as they are with a cup of coffee at tea break time.


24 thoughts on “Rhubarb Cakes- Family Favourite Recipes

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  2. Thank you for the recipe, it looks delicious and we have our first ever rhubarb crop this year so look forward to trying it. Am also admiring your Waterperry tea towel!


  3. Wonderful! The group of rhubarb that you saved from the garden of your dear in-laws Joan and Keith, now in your garden produces a lot of delicious fruits that you are going to use in one of the Family’s Favorite Recipes: Rhubarb Cakes. Destiny and life are unpredictable: everything stays with the family. Rhubarb Cakes look very appetizing, a delight easy to make and light because it has no chocolate: ideal for me. When all this is over and my head is clear, I will do them and tell you how it went. Take good care of all your family, Mr. B and you. Much love to all. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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    • Thank you Margarita. Thanks for your lovely comments. Disaster. My father in law has been taken to hospital. It couldn’t come at a worse moment with the covid. I’m trying to find out more. So desperately sad we are not allowed to go to the hospital or to the care home to comfort Joan. Will update you later, much love karen xxx


      • Karen I am very sorry that you had to take your dear father-in-law to the hospital. And because you have to be at home, you can’t go to the hospital or the Care Home to see Joan. You will be desperate, I understand. But you have to be strong NOW. Get your strength from anywhere. It is better that you do not see your dear mother-in-law Joan because you can infect her with something. The nursing home nurses will comfort and reassure her. As for going to the Hospital as your father-in-law does not have Covid-19 they have it in an isolated part of the Covid-19 patients: it is what they do in all the countries of the world, it is a protocol since Covid-19 is a disease highly contagious. Here in Spain it is done like this in Hospitals: if you go to the ER at the entrance a doctor and a nurse see you and if you have symptoms of Covid-19 they send you to the area infected by it; If it is a common disease, they send you to a hospital site totally isolated from Covid-19 and without any danger of becoming infected by it. It is better that you do not go to the Hospital for your health and that of your dear father-in-law, since the entrance of the Hospital is not well disinfected, and you could hit something. Your father-in-law Keith will be well cared for by nurses and doctors. They don’t give you information because they are saturated with sick people; It is easy to say “be calm and wait” but doing it is very difficult, but you have to do it until a couple of days have passed and they know that your father-in-law has and you are calling on the phone. This advice is not good, but I would do it if I were in your place: call the Hospital twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon to ask about Keith. You will see how everything becomes a small thing and soon your father-in-law becomes good and returns to the Nursing Home with Joan. The worst is uncertainty, not knowing. Nothing bad will happen and you will recover soon. Karen, here you have me to give you strength and encouragement. You have me for what you want: let off steam, talk, whatever you want. You are my best friend and what is happening to you hurts: I want to help you as I can. Sorry if any of my advice has been rude, but it is true in the situation we find ourselves in. Keep me informed when you can. All my strength, my spirits and my love are with you and your dear in-laws. Do not let yourself be defeated. Fight for them. Lots of love. Very loving greetings from Margarita Xxx

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      • Thank you margarita. Things are much better. He has responded to treatment. Your kind and sensible words have been heeded. Thank you. I won’t be defeated. Like you say, we have to find strength and carry on. I hope things are ok where you are. What a time we are having! Very loving greetings. Very grateful for your level-headed advice. Love from karen xxx

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      • I’m glad that your dear father-in-law is much better and so are you. You don’t have to thank me for the advice, that’s what friends are for. You gave me a break, I was very worried about you. Keep going strong and fighting. My mother and I are fine, thanks. I hope the rest of your family, you and Mr. B are doing well too. Take care. Much love for your father-in-law, and all your family and for you. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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  4. They look delicious Karen.
    We have some quickly growing rhubarb in the garden, My wife Diana is ready to try the recipe out!
    I love your website and your lovely photographs. Keep us all cheerful at this difficult time.
    My best wishes
    Brian Hawken
    Melton Probus Club.

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    • Thank you Brian. I know Diana is a wonderful cook. I’ve heard she makes beautiful meals. Enjoy this family favourite. I’m making it with bananas tomorrow . Thank you for your encouraging words. We are all, of course, worried and terribly troubled by the current situation. But I’ve decided to focus on ways to keep positive, help others and keep everyone cheered up. Thanks again for your kind words which are much appreciated. Karen


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