In a Vase on Easter Monday 13 April 2020

Finding comfort in familiar things, I’m posting my usual In a Vase on Monday. This time, it’s flowers from a friend. Narcissi from the Scilly Isles.

Scilly flowers arrive in the post in a well-packed box.

The label is smudged because I sprayed it with antibac before bringing the parcel in the house.

Beautifully wrapped in green tissue and brown paper. And there is a lovely card from my friend, Barbara.

There was enough for a display for the kitchen table and for the summerhouse. I used a vase that belonged to my mother-in-law Joan. I took a photo of the flowers and sent a card and letter to Joan and Keith. We haven’t seen them for three weeks. I’m worried Joan won’t know who I am when we can finally get out to see them. Very sad to hear they have to stay in their own rooms and can’t even see each other, let alone have visitors. I’m very grateful to the staff who are keeping our loved ones safe though. I hope we will be through this crisis soon.

Today’s flowers are Narcissi Geranium, cream flowers with an orange cup, and double cream Winston Churchill.

The scent is just glorious. They are a perfect combination.

Just beautiful for spring. Especially for Easter, when we usually fill the house with flowers and have lots of visitors.

I’ve made a writing and reading space in the summerhouse. We’ve had lovely weather this past week. Hoping it’s sunny where you are today.

In my baskets I’ve got gladioli bulbs. I’m planting these today in between the sweet peas through the hazel A frame on the veg plot. The hazel rods will help support the tall gladioli spikes. It’s good to be thinking about summer flowers. And hopefully we will all be able to get out and about to visit gardens, and our families in due course.

Get in touch and let me know what’s looking lovely in your gardens right now. How are you coping with the corona virus lockdown?

I’m joining with Cathy for her #IAVOM meme. Why not go over and see what everyone’s growing and arranging in their vases today, all over the world.

And finally, Happy Easter Monday to you all. Keep smiling. x

Cathy :

31 thoughts on “In a Vase on Easter Monday 13 April 2020

  1. Enjoyed this wonderful images and writing of your post. Beautiful narcissus. I just received an offer to place Fall bulb orders (which I’m not organized enough to do yet) and these should go on my list. Take good care.

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  2. Those narcissi are fabulous! What a lovely gift to receive. 😃 I am sorry to hear that Joan and her husband are not allowed to see each other. That just doesn‘t seem right. I just hope this all ends soon. I was hoping to plant dahlias this year but it seems they are almost all sold out here! I have been busy planting up my new flower bed which I will post about soon. 🌸🌻🌸 Look after yourself Karen! xx 🤗

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    • Oh dear. Sorry about the dahlias. You can grow them from seed you know. They grow to flowering size in one season. Good luck with your new flower bed. I’ve also made one 60 feet long, by about 4ft wide. It’s full sun and full of colour. Suitable for bees.

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    • Thank you Noelle. Mum and I were planning to visit. Not any more. All travel plans are cancelled for this year. I’ve even thrown the calendar in the bin! I’ve started a new one for next year. Keep safe and well. Thanks for reading.


  3. Ah, that explains why you still have narcissi in flower! How glorious to have that scent from them and what a kind gesture from your friend. We don’t seem to have had specific advice about things that arrive in the post but although my Mum’s post goes to a neighbour who makes sure there is a 24 hour delay before she gets it. It must be so difficult not seeing Joan and Keith and for them not to see each other either. Reading your plan has prompted me to think of which annuals I can plant out under my sweet pea supports – thanks for the idea, Karen, and take care

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  4. What a beautiful gift from your friend! I’m growing Narcissus ‘Geranium’ in my own garden and I absolutely love it. The combination with ‘Winston Churchill’ was inspired. Your Primula are impressive too and your summerhouse looks like an excellent place to get away from the world’s woes for awhile.

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      • So those planted now bloom late in July, leaving more than two months to plant more?! I never put that much effort into them.They get planted in autumn, right after spring bulbs, and then bloom early in summer. I never planted them in phases, although some bloom later than others. Very few naturalize. I do happen to really like them though. They are so elegant.

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  5. Daffodils from the Scilly Isles from a friend, I love them. Well done in spraying the box with antiboc! What a wonderful detail about your friend Barbara: sending you the flowers. There’s a lot. The vase of your dear mother-in-law Joan is beautiful and remains divine with the Daffodils in the Summer House. And there is still another fabulous kitchen vase. Karen do not doubt for a moment that your dear mother-in-law Joan, if you go with a bouquet of flowers, will recognize you, perhaps not at the moment, but after a few minutes. When she finishes all this of the Covid-19 you will see her again and also Keith who now where she is is the best place for her. The detail of sending them a photo of the Daffodils, a card and a letter to both of them is wonderful: they will both love them. The Daffodils of the Isles of Scilly are Narcissi Geranium and Narcissi Sir Winston Churchill – a scented couple that I love. The Summer House with a space for writing and reading, and with many divine flowers at the entrance I love it. And you have had good weather, I am very happy. I sincerely hope that the good weather will continue for a long time. Tall gladiolus bulbs for planting in the hazelnut structure among sweet peas; in summer it will be divine, I love it. Karen Happy Easter Monday! You have made me smile with your wonderful flowers and have a happy time. Thank you very much my dear friend. Health, encouragement, strength, hope, positive thinking and a lot of love for all your family, Mr B and for yourself. Keep you safe and secure. Take Care. Fondly. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx

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  6. It all looks magical. But how hard it must be for people who are emotionally close not to be able to see each other. While reading this I thought ‘I’ll get someone to plant sweet peas to grow up the frame’. Then I thought ‘no, I’ll get someone to plant edible peas to grow up the sweet pea frame’. I have seeds for a kind which produce lots of tendrils that can be eaten in salads as well as lots of pods of peas that can be eaten whole. The flowers are lovely too – white and purple. (Long distance gardening!)

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    • What kind are those peas? I’ve repaired the old willow A frame today and we need climbing beans. I’ve got some new golden climbing French beans to try. But I fancy the ones you describe. I’ve done long-distance gardening twice before. There is a kind of sustenance in dreaming about what might be growing. I Do hope your arm is healing swiftly. Xx


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