Apple and Berry Crumble Cakes – Recipe

If you are reading this week’s Garden New Magazine (February 6 edition) here is the recipe I mention for apple crumble cakes. Our stored apples usually last until the end of February, but the autumn, and winter up until Christmas, was so mild the fruit started to go soft. I sliced and froze some of the apples, and turned the rest into delicious little cakes. These too can be frozen and will thaw within a few minutes, or defrost in a microwave. Let me know if any of you try the recipe, and how you get on with it. I’ve added frozen blackberries and raspberries to my cakes. Or you can just make them with apples on their own. All equally tasty. It’s lovely to have something reminding us of summer – right in the middle of winter.

You’ll need three or four apples, and a handful of berries, if using them. Use what you have. Equally good using tinned or fresh peaches, plums, blueberries, apricots, pears. It’s a very versatile recipe, using up store cupboard and frozen fruit.

I’ve made mine in silicone muffin trays, but you could just make one large cake and slice it. Use oat milk and egg substitute for vegans.

Muffins cook in 25 to 30 minutes. But check they are cooked through.

We store the apples wrapped in newspaper in the unheated glass porch and potting shed.

There was a good harvest from the orchard last autumn. Plenty of apples and pears.

I’ve been making apple crumbles all winter. Such a simple dish, so lovely and warming on a cold day.

Thanks for reading and getting in touch. I’ve started doing live videos from the greenhouse over on instagram as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends.

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Update: Sue Appleton on twitter used blackberry jam instead of berries and sent this message:

11 thoughts on “Apple and Berry Crumble Cakes – Recipe

  1. Karen, if it had made the great harvest of apples and pears cooler, so carefully wrapped in newspaper, and stored in such good places, they would not have lasted so long. But thanks to that, you’re going to make a ton of homegrown frozen blackberry and raspberry apple crumble cakes – they look delicious and appetizing. And they can be frozen, I love it! The recipe is very easy and you can add many fruits: let your imagination fly and try, or make them only apple. Karen thank you very much for your delicious recipe. I have never seen a plate of “apple crumbs”, they must be delicious! I’m glad you’re making videos for Instagram to keep in touch with family and friends: I love that you do it, keep it up and don’t quit. Karen thank you for writing your wonderful blogs. Health, strength, courage, hope, positive thinking and a lot of love for your whole family, Mr B and for you. Take good care of yourselves and keep everyone safe. Loving caresses to the Three Musketeers. Loving hugs. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxxπŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ’ŸπŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

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    • Thank you Margarita. So pleased you like my recipes and blogs. The cakes are such a treat, mid-winter. Sending affectionate greetings from us all. Loving hugs returned. Love from Karen and the Three Musketeers! Xxx 😘🌸🌺🌟🌟🌟

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  2. This reminds me of a recipe for apple crumble cake that I used to make…I wonder if I still have it? I think it had more of a shortbread base. Does yours use eating or cooking apples? I must give it a try!

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