Lemon Crunch Triangles Recipe

Temperatures are reaching 16C here today, just a week after snow and lows of -5. I’m working in the garden in shirt sleeves. Heavy coats and warm jumpers are left indoors. My lemon trees in the greenhouse have started to grow and I’m feeding and watering them now. They have been relatively dry over the winter. To promote more flower and fruit, I’m harvesting all the lemons and making cakes and biscuits. Spare fruit can easily be frozen whole and microwaved when juice and zest is needed.

Here’s a tasty recipe for a February pick-me-up. You can eat these lemon crunch triangles on their own with a cup of tea, or add vanilla icecream. They can also be frozen. I’m making some for now, and a batch for when we can open up the garden for visits from friends and family. I can hardly wait to see everyone! This has been a long winter and one we will never forget. I’m making videos of the garden to send to my mum, and to relatives and staff in the care home, to give them a flavour of spring. They can’t get out to see any flowers are the moment, so the videos of our snowdrops, hellebores and crocus are an escape to the outdoors for them. You can see the videos over on instagram where I am karengimson1.

Let me know what spring flowers are growing in your gardens. Are you cooking anything new this week? Freezing temperatures are due to return by the weekend, so I won’t be putting anything delicate outdoors just yet. But it’s lovely to see all these jewel-like spring flowers, and fresh lemons from greenhouse are very welcome indeed.

Here’s a link to my recipe for lemon crunch triangles:


16 thoughts on “Lemon Crunch Triangles Recipe

  1. Karen, I’m so glad you’re 16ºC and you’re in your shirt sleeves working in the garden. Your lemons are magnificent: your harvest will be very good. Your lemon trees are going to be divine, I love them. Karen you are a pastry chef making cakes and cookies with your lemons. Thank you very much for the link to the recipe for the lemon crunchy triangles, they look very appetizing and are easy to make. I’m so sorry that Winter has been very hard for you, Karen. But it is almost over and with the COVID vaccine, when you are all vaccinated and immunized, you will be able to see family and friends again: patience, it will arrive in a few months! Your videos of the garden with the snowdrops, eléboros and saffron that I see on Instagram, I love them. I am very happy that you are sending these videos to your Mother, relatives and staff at the nursing home: I love it. What a pity that the intense cold returns on the weekend. The photo of the bumblebee eating on the flower is wonderful, I love it. The snowdrops in the clay pot with moss look great, I love it. I have germinated a seed of a golden apple that I was eating and the leaves of the seed have come out: it is already planted in a pot with soil. I have also planted the germinated seeds of the carob tree in pots with soil, and in one of the two the leaves are already beginning to be seen. I am very happy with my experiments !! If they got ahead and kept growing for a couple of years, I would plant them in the soil of the farmhouse so they would grow free. I would dedicate them to my dear Father. It would be a dream, I would love it !! Health, integrity, strength, encouragement, hope, positive thinking and a lot of love for your whole family, Mr B and for you. Take good care of each other and keep you safe. Keep doing happy greenhouse gardening despite the cold. Bundle up and stay warm. Warm hugs. Lots of love. Good and happy weekend. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx 😘🤗🙏💟🌷🌼🌱

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  2. Karen here is my feed back. I have just enjoyed a cuppa and read your blog feeling like it was a visit with a chum. I like the blend of garden and recipe. I bought pears recently for the last recipe. anything lemon is also a joy to me and these look a nice size for a fairly guilt free snack. just been planting polyanthus by my door. Cx

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    • Wonderful! Thanks you for your kind words. I’m so glad you are enjoying my garden. I love polyanthus. Especially the scented ones. Enjoy your garden and keep in touch 🙏🌺 Karen x


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