16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 7th December 2016 -a line of oak trees.

    • I’ve made friends with the contract hedge trimmer. I take him hot chocolate and home made biscuits. He has to do his job as speedily as he can, and the trees get in the way. I understand his work, and he knows I care about the trees..There are ways to get people on your side. You don’t have to shout the loudest to be heard.

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    • This month seems to be whizzing by, don’t you think. I’ve got daffodils poking through the ground, and roses still flowering on a sunny wall. Soon be spring. Thanks for commenting. Have a great day. Karen x

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  1. I love oaks. They seem so sturdy, so permanent, so everlasting. And you just know that (in the spring and summer) they are full of buzzing insects, creeping caterpillars, busy bugs and bright beetles. So much life!

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