Tiny flowers on trees grown mainly  for their leaves. Such a spring surprise, and a treat. This one is Crimson King, Acer Platanoides. Also known as the Norwegian maple. Photo taken at Burghley House near Stamford. 

What surprises have you found this spring? Have you noticed any tiny flowers on trees? I love to hear your comments. 

14 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday

    • Thank you. They are lasting such a long time this spring. So are the daffodils which appreciate the icy blast we are currently having. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. All the best. Karen x

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    • Thank you Mike. Hope you got a chance to jive off down to the plot today. I saw you mentioning the garden to alison this morning. Chilly here. I’ve fetched my winter coat and scarf back out of the wardrobe. Enjoy the Easter weekend. xxx

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    • It’s all so whoosh-y at the moment. Is that a word. Well it is now 🙂 must admit, I have never noticed those tree flowers before. Always been in too much of a rush with work. Taking things much more steady this spring and giving myself time to look and learn. Love Karen xxx


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