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Finola. So graceful. Haven’t the tulips been wonderful this year. Such a joy at the end of a long, cold dark winter.

I love the creamy buds and green feathering on this double late, or peony-flowered tulip. We are all growing this variety in place of Angelique. Finola seems to be a stronger tulip. Grows to 50cm high and flowers in April and May. I’ve planted mine in a sea of blue forget-me-nots. Brunnera  would be a good alternative if you are worried about the forget-me-nots seeding about.  Good quality tulips  and bulbs of all kinds are available from Bloms Bulbs and Peter Nyssen.

What tulips are you enjoying the most at the moment? 

14 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday #tulip #love

  1. Oh the worries you have, Karen! I wish I could worry about too many forget-me-nots! I saw one yesterday and was overjoyed. Your tulip ‘Finola’ is terrific – and interesting what you say about it being better than ‘Angelique’

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    • Hi Cathy, Do forget-me-nots fail to thrive over there? You could try that brunnera I mentioned. That has the same flowers, but is a perennial. I suppose the closest to that blue would be scabious butterfly blue. We saw those growing wild at Sermoneta last spring. And some phacelia. The bees love those too. I sometimes wonder why we give ourselves such challenges. But I am only really happy when I’ve got my hands in compost and I’m watching something grow. Thanks for getting in touch. Have a lovely weekend. Karen x

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      • I’ve noticed that self-seeders tend to be a bit picky on our heavy clay – and the forget-me-not is in a place in the garden that I keep well weeded, so probably my fault. I do have brunnera and scabious ‘Butterfly Blue’. It is growing directly opposite the place where I have been trying to establish forget-me-nots (courtesy of a friend’s self-sowers). I might try an old parks department trick I learned many years ago. Set seedheads (decapitated) on a nursery bed and then just watch the little seedlings arrive (we stopped actually buying forget-me-not seed for bedding displays because of this). I should try the phacelia! Thanks for the suggestion.

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  2. So beautiful and delicate for a peony flowering tulip, I must try it. I agree with you about this years Tulip displays. Thanks for the wonderful picture and recommendations too, I used Parkers but am happy to try others for comparison x

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    • Hello there. It’s great to try something new isn’t it. I try two or three new varieties each spring. But my main order always contains plum coloured Negritta which seems to go with all the other spring flowers, and lily-flowered tulip Burgundy. At a client’s garden we have planted double white Exotic Emperor which is a really “wow” tulip -perfect for an antique urn. Hope you are both well and enjoying the garden. Love Karen x

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    • Tulips are a joy aren’t they. They bridge the gap between daffodils and roses. Ours have been really good this year because we had a cold spell in January and it was mild in march. Now back to ground frosts at night, which will make them last longer. Thanks for reading and getting in touch. All the best. Karen x


    • Oh yes, that one reminds me of clotted cream. So beautiful. I usually have a massive pot full under my office window. But they sold out before I had a chance to buy some. Must put my order in earlier this year. Thanks for reading and getting in touch Christina. Hope you had a lovely Easter. x

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