#wordlesswednesday -Jewel-like flowers

Haven’t the spring bulbs been gorgeous this year. They seem to have loved the cold April temperatures. March was mild and brought them into flower early. Then the cold weather and lack of rain made them last for weeks.

This is Leucocoryne ixiodes purpurea -or purple glory-of-the-sun. originating from Chile, these are bulbous perennials with grassy foliage and umbels of star-like purple, white or blue flowers in spring. The flowers are 2.5cm across and scented. Plant 10cm deep in very well drained soil, or in containers with lots of sharp sand.

And the tulips have had the longest flowering time I can ever remember.

Have the bulbs done well in your garden this year?

22 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday -Jewel-like flowers

    • Lovely, Christina. Some years the bulbs seem such an indulgence because they are so fleeting. But I have to grow them as a splash of colour at the end of winter. Something to look forward to after the grey skies and cold. This year, I feel like have had my money’s worth. I’m currently planting rows of butterfly gladioli for summer to add to the cut flowers for MIL. Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading and getting in touch x

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  1. Your tulips are divine, our show of tulips have mostly been good apart from T ‘China town’ and ‘Angelique’ that were in a pot by my back door. They produced leaves then the promise of flowers then the whole lot shrivelled up into a dried mess!? I’m so disappointed as last year they were amazing. Have a great weekend Karen x

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    • Oh dear. That’s such a shame. We had some like that last year. They grew to flowering size and then just wilted away. They had something called Arabis mosaic virus. There are 12 viruses tulips can get, apparently. I’m buying from http://www.peternyssen.com/our-shop/autumn-planting/tulips.html in future. Many friends have recommended them for top size bulbs, so I shall be shopping there this year. Good luck with yours too. Thanks for reading and getting in touch. All the best. Karen x


    • The lilacs have been really lovely this year haven’t they. I’ve got a tree in my garden that came from a shoot from my Welsh grandmother’s garden. Such a lovely reminder of wonderful, kind woman. Glad you are enjoying your garden too Audrey. Thanks for getting in touch x

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  2. Terrific photos!! Because of our mild winter many things bloomed earlier than usual. It seems like so long ago that the tulips and daffodils were blooming. Azaleas and lilacs are finished too, but I am eagerly awaiting the peonies πŸ™‚

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