#wordlesswednesday -bulbs and roots

Update on the Paperwhite narcissi. Planted just a fortnight ago. Being grown in a cool, bright, frost free north facing porch. Hoping it will flower by Christmas. A joy to check up on each day. I wrote about planting these bulbs here.

How are your potted bulbs coming along? I’ve got forced hyacinths in a dark cupboard in the potting shed. They need 10 weeks at 9 degrees and then I’ll bring them out into the cool porch to grow on. I’ll bring them into a warm room when they have formed good flower spikes. Cool but frost free growing conditions are the secret for success.

13 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday -bulbs and roots

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  2. Karen look great. They will arrive for Christmas at their Point. With the change of the country house to Madrid, where I am now, and that my parents have a lot of doctor appointments (and me too) I do not have time for anything. Besides, the Lady who comes to clean up has become ill and my Mother and I are walking badly with our backs. Everything is passed. The Beauty of your Paperwhite Daffodils removes all evils. Greetings with love from Margarita.

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    • So sorry to hear of your illnesses and pain. I hope the photos of my garden and flowers brings you some comfort and diversion from your worries. Hoping that your appointments go well and things improve for you in the future. Love and greetings from Karen and Mum xx


    • Thank you Mike. Glad yours are going well. I’m going to go and check my hyacinths tomorrow. I must admit it’s a job that’s quite joyful isn’t it, just at a time when the nights are drawing in and temperatures dropping. I don’t like winter, I must admit.

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