Wordless Wednesday

Pelargonium Appleblossom Rosebud. Perfectly named. Such beauty. 

This cultivar has been around for over 100 years. It grows well, with plenty of flowers, but needs lots of sunshine to provide a strong colour. My plant was at the shady end of the greenhouse, which is why it is a greenish-pink. But I love the delicate folds and pink-tipped flowers. They are perfect for flower arranging, lasting a week in water. It’s one of my favourites. This plant came from my Mum, but I can highly recommend Fibrex Nursery -holders of the national collection of pelargoniums- at Stratford, Warwickshire. Their mail order service is first class. I can spend many happy hours gazing at their gorgeous catalogue. http://www.fibrex.co.uk and on Twitter @FibrexNurseries