11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. So sorry for redundant comment…Had bit of trouble posting, and had to redo a few times as got message about logging in, but that became problematic, comment seemed to disappear, redid, etc. Got just a tad frustrating! Anyway, apologies! Don’t know if you can erase all but one…

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  2. Thanks for sharing your visit to this beautiful garden; living in Italy I have to admit that the one thing I really miss is the possibility of visiting gardens; the only one worth visiting here are historic; they are wonderful for structural inspiration but not for the planting. Do you find that you learn even more from a garden or planting scheme that you don’t like – I do..

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    • We’ve just come back from a holiday in Rome. you are right- very structural. Wonderful fountains. We managed to find lots of wild flowers though, and we were so new to Italy, that the lemon trees and olive groves were still wow moments for us. Yes, I learn from visiting the gardens- what works and what should work- but doesn’t and the reasons why. It’s fascinating unpicking the thinking behind garden planting schemes. My favourites at home are the ones that happen by accident.

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  3. Coton Manor sounds idyllic…So interesting to vicariously visit a garden that the writer knows so well. Have yet to have the opportunity to experince a bluebell wood, but hope to before too long… (Maybe next Spring..woohoo ; ) That verdigried copper urn with tulips is so evocative of a still summer afternoon from the 19th century….Surely Proust is sitting languidly someplace close by…Really enjoyed your observations and lovely photos, as usual…Thanks for sharing a very special place: )

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  4. Coton Manor sounds idyllic…Lovely to vicariously visit a garden the writer is so familiar with…Have yet to experience a bluebell wood…hope to before too long..That copper urn is somehow evocative of unhurried bee buzz quiet, still summer afternoons of the 19th century.. Surely Proust is sitting languidly somewhere nearby. ..Thanks for sharing. Really enjoy ed your ovservations, as usaual : )

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