My Favourite Photos from Chelsea 2016

These are the plants and gardens that caught my attention at Chelsea this year. 

I love these purple beech mounds. A masterclass in planting by Jo Thompson. I am not using box, because of blight. I’m experimenting with yew and ilex green gem, and will now add beech to the list to try out. 

I’m not going to pull up my wild geraniums after all. I love the woodland edge planting by Cleve West, inspired by his childhood memories of Exmoor National Park. 

Step over fruit and the most glorious herbs in Jekka McVicar’s Modern Apothecary garden. 

I would love to grow more clematis plants 

More amaryllis for the greenhouse 

Peonies do well in my garden. They can be grown in shade, and don’t mind cold, windswept conditions.

Such a beautiful colour. Coral Charm.

More tulips are on my shopping list for this Autumn. 

Mum grows begonias like this. Some are five or six years old. She just dries them out over the winter, and starts them back into growth in spring.

Delphiniums and begonias from Blackmore and Langdons. This beautiful pale lilac and  blue one is called Spindrift. 

A few more fuchsias. This was the Roualeyn Fuchsias display, from Conwy, North Wales.

New pelargonium from Fibrex Nursery, a family run business from Stratford on Avon,UK. Holders of national collections of pelargoniums and hedera. 

The scent from these violas was just amazing. From Wildegoose Nursery,

I lingered by these sweet peas for quite some time. This is a display by Eagle sweet peas, from Stafford. 

What a colour!

Foxgloves higher than me from The Botanic Nursery, Wiltshire . 

These caught my eye. A new strawberry called Cupid for a late cropping. From Ken Muir. 

Hardy’s nursery new white Cirsium Frosted Magic. 

Hardy’s gorgeous white Centurea Montana Alba.

Hard to miss this Geum Scarlett Tempest. New for Hardy’s. 

Thyme path -A Modern Apothecary by Jekka’s Herb Farm.  This garden will be relocated to St John’s Hospice in London.  

More potatoes – a display by the James Hutton Institute, Dundee.

A bouquet for the Queen. I was lucky enough to watch this being created. 

Container heaven.

And finally. Where can I fit one of these in my garden. I’m sure I’ve got a space- somewhere…..

What were your favourites this year?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Photos from Chelsea 2016

    • The foxgloves were higher than me. Full of bees too. So beautiful. Mum has grown some peach coloured ones for me. Look lovely with white roses. Thanks for the comments.


  1. Too much that’s lovely to choose anything in particular. But those copper beech mounds were fascinating (and worth trying) and Jekka McVikor’s garden looks so pretty and ‘doable’.

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    • I’m going to “borrow ” Jekka’s idea for a carpet of thyme around a fountain. The scent with all that water dripping on them was so glorious. Also I’ve found out who made the twisty metal garden edging and commissioned some already.

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