In a Vase on Monday- the view from my potting shed.

Seeds are so inexpensive these days, there’s really no need to save our own. One packet of seed can produce hundreds of plants-for just a few pounds. And yet, there’s something about autumn that makes you want to dash round the garden gathering everything in. Every coat pocket at the moment contains a paper bag full of seeds of every shape and size. It’s my natural inclination to harvest, store up, preserve – to make ready for winter. I’m doing the same with jams and chutney. Capturing the summer. My defence against the cold. 

For this week’s Vase on Monday, there’s white cosmos, sweet peas, rudbeckias, verbascum, malmaison carnations and grasses  all grown this summer from seed. 

My favourite sweet pea is  the variety High Scent. It’s a deliciously creamy colour flower with a blue picotee edge. These were direct sown in June to give a late show until the first frosts. The scent is glorious on a sunny day, but at this time of the year it’s less evident in the garden. A posy on a bedside table in October though, is a joy. Heat from the log fire seeps right through the house,  bringing out the most wonderful scent. 

Rudbeckias flower all summer, whatever the weather. Reliable and long lasting in a vase. There’s usually a few stems to pick every day, until November. 

Seed originally came from Higgledy Garden. I’ve got my eye on some new seed – persicaria orientalis , and lavender larkspur for next year. But for now, my collected  seed is laid out in little containers in the potting shed, drying off and waiting to be sown again next season.  

Thanks to  Cathy for hosting this theme. 

19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- the view from my potting shed.

    • Thank you. I ran out of light though. Luckily I work from home, so I can go out doors a lot during the day, and walk the dog when I feel like it. I used to go to work in the dark- and then come home in the dark- and never see my garden. Thanks for your kind comments.

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  1. Oh I was so enjoying your seed sown vase (and exclaiming about sweet peas siwn in June which will flower in October) – but now am feeling inadequate about not thinking enough about collecting seeds…must try harder! I enjoy the seed sowing process so much and collecting more of my own seed is the next step – so please keep prompting me ☺

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    • Thank you Cathy. Someone has just replied to my post about a seed sharing club- and I’m now going to set one up in the village. I’ve got far more cosmos than I need, and I might get something new and exciting in return. Thanks for your lovely comments x


  2. A beautiful vase Karen! I have bought some of that Persicaria seed already for next spring, but just read Chloris’s comment. Oh dear, they may have to stay in pots with copper tape around them!

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    • Good idea Mike. I might set up a seed sharing group in the village. I will never be able to use three margarine containers of cosmos seed. And I might get something interesting in return. Thanks for the idea. And for your comments. I’m like you, I love to mull over the beauty of seed. I’ve got some mahogany coloured acanthus today, as shiny as polished wood. xx


  3. Sweet peas in October, how wonderful. I have pockets full of seeds too. Half the time I forget what they are. Persicaria orientalis is stunning. I had a complete failure with it this year, slugs find the seedlings irresistible.

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    • Oh dear. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll start them off in the poly tunnel then and watch over them carefully. I’m getting some new hens and runner ducks in the spring. They usually keep our slug population in check. Every coat I put on has apples in one pocket and seeds in the other. I’ve often no idea what they are until they germinate. This spring I found a jacket with the seeds still in from the previous autumn. They were nicely dry! xx


    • It’s raining leaves here today. All the beech tree leaves are swirling around in the storm. So comforting to have sweetpeas on my kitchen table – reminding me of nicer weather. xx


  4. You’ve got me googling ‘High Scent’ immediately – lovely waft of autumn in your vase! I stopped growing Cosmos because they just got too tall – but your lovely white flowers may convert me again!

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    • Must admit, the cosmos have got to 5 feet this year. But it’s lovely to have them at face level. No bending to watch the bees landing on them. And some self seeded morning glory has used them as a support. I didn’t plan that- it just happened. But such a good idea, I might copy nature and plant them together next time. Thanks for your kind comments. xx

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