Down to Earth – 23/10/2016 – @bbcleicester

Whizz past the news to 44.00 on the timeline to hear me talking about my flower posies for mother in law Joan. I’m part of the garden question time team for local radio stations. Bit terrifying, as we never know what the questions will be. Lots of fun though. Programme starts at 7.00 on the timeline, just past the news and weather. 

13 thoughts on “Down to Earth – 23/10/2016 – @bbcleicester

    • Thank you so much Eliza. Luckily you can’t see me as I often look like a frightened rabbit! It’s so tricky thinking fast enough to answer- and then condensing all the information required into just a few minutes. I sometimes sit there and want to have a few minutes to think. It’s rather a faster pace than I am used to. I sound just like my mother. Friends can’t often tell us apart. Thanks again for your kind comments, which have made my day 🙂 x

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