Wordless Wednesday 

Still mild enough to sit in the summerhouse. Heaps of cosy woollen blankets to hide under. So I made an autumn wreath out of beech leaves, rosehips and cowparsley seed heads.

My wreath is made from a woven willow base. I learned how to make them from  Georgie Newbery at Common Farm Flowers. I can highly recommend the courses. I attended one for creating a cut flower patch and posy tying. I’ve never had to buy any flowers for my house and family since. I’m planning to attend one next year on growing flowers for weddings and special occasions. I’ve already bought my voucher for the course. It’s great to have something to look forward to as winter starts to bite.

The Persian ironwood shrub, Parrotia Persica still looks like a bonfire of colour.

Orange tulips, a present from a friend- the view inside the summerhouse today.

Have you got a favourite place you like to sit in the garden?

38 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

    • Somehow the little summerhouse is cosy all year round. It’s really well insulated by the wavy edged overlapping oak. It dates back to the 1930s. We spent a year renovating it. They knew what they were doing in those days. Your pergola sounds lovely. A lovely place to sit in the summer. Thanks for your comments. All the best. Karen

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  1. Love the idea of an autumn wreath…and a hide-a-way studio that rotates..what a cozy peaceful spot. Not sure, but think Common Farm Flowers may have had a display at Hampton Palace Garden Show last summer…really so great to create with plant material. Your wreath is so pretty…A local botanic garden hangs illuminated grape-vine balls during a light festival they hold each winter….would love to know how to make them…Thanks for sharing your serene space : )

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  2. Am loving your wreath and garden colours, I’d love to go on one of Georgies courses one day, I have her book and follow her on Instagram, so will make do for now. The times when I sit are when I’m driving my children places! hopefully in years to come we might have a lovely little place inside the garden to sit and contemplate life. ☺️

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    • Ah, yes. I’ve done the driving the children about bit. Now they drive me! Georgia’s courses are worth every penny. She’s an excellent teacher. I always thought I needed a huge space to grow cut flowers. Georgie taught me to grow less- but grow it well. That way I can take good care of the few plants -and have maximum flowers. It really works. And I sell surplus flowers on the village green for children’s charities. So funny, because villagers will now ring me up when the flower basket is empty. And a kind lady takes the honesty tin in over night for me.

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  3. I think that parrotia display is coming to the end. It’s been fabulous this year. Cotinus Grace is taking over the starring role now. A west facing terrace shaded by wisteria sounds lovely. Thanks for commenting Christina. All the best. Karen


  4. The Parrotia is still wonderful. It was a few weeks ago that you featured it. The wreath is a lovely idea, I should make an autumn one as I’m usually away for Christmas unfortunately. I like yo sit on the terrace looking west and enjoying the last rays of the sun. The wisteria is still shading the rest of the terrace so that’s not so welcoming at present.

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    • Thank you Gerri. It is a very peaceful place to sit and contemplate. It’s a 1930s turntable summerhouse. We spent a year renovating it. It can be turned to overlook the field, which was lovely this summer as we had oats in the back field. Or it can swing round to overlook the pond and mini wood where we had spotted woodpecker babies this summer. Thanks again for commenting. Karen

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    • I’ve put orange and moss green in the summerhouse for autumn. I’ll change it to red for Christmas, and it’s pink and white for summer. It’s a little place of calm. Thanks for your comments. All the best. Karen

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