Wordless Wednesday 23rd November 

Cosmos seeds. Now safely gathered in.

And after Christmas I will start sowing again, for a summer delight of bees and blooms.

My cut-flower-patch kit cost me about £20 from Ben at Higgledy Garden, mail order. Great value, to get me started. I shall re use my saved seeds, but I’m looking on the website to add new varieties for next year. What are you planning to grow in 2017? 

23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 23rd November 

  1. After receiving lots of comments on my blog from you, I’ve finally managed to track down yours! Beautiful photos. Cosmos is such a wonderful flower to grow as it seems to go on and on and it’s just so pretty. I love the Purity variety, I didn’t used to grow many white flowers but I’ve got a real liking for them over the last few years.

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  2. All the same things as me! Your garden is going to look so beautiful and colourful Mike.its great to be thinking about next summer flowers when it’s cold and dark outside. Thanks for your kind comments. All the best. Karen x


    • Yes, those seeds caught my eye. They are right by my front door. Good luck with your bright lights seeds. I’m using those desiccating sachets you get with items of shopping. Shoes, a toaster, a laptop and some books all came packaged with the little dry power sachets. They should help to keep seeds fresh and dry.


    • Quite a lot have dropped here and have germinated. Hopefully they will weather the winter and flower early. One plant did this year, but we didn’t have any frost over the winter. Good luck with yours x

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    • I’ve been bobbing in and out of the front door for weeks just waiting for the right moment. I needed three days without rain to dry them off. Just managed it. They go all soggy if not collected just at the right moment. Fingers crossed for yours too. x


      • Hmm – and I kept my chosen heads covered with a little net bag so I knew which were purity and which were Candy Stripe, but that probably slowed down the drying process. They certainly never seemed to dry out properly, so that can’t have helped…

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