In a Vase on Monday – 28th November 2016 

Yellow flowers brighten even the gloomiest day in November. And my “Aunty Doris” chrysanthemum is still going strong. 

I would love to know more about Aunty Doris.  I’m searching family archives to find photos of her greenhouse and garden.  I’m sure we have a lot in common. We both love growing flowers and arranging them. And I think of her often. 

When I’m cutting and arranging these flowers, I think about her doing the same – only 40 ago. We would have taken cuttings, grown the plants and watered them. And would both be harvesting them at the same time of the year. 

I wonder if she loved them as much as I do. 

I’ve arranged my yellow chrysanths with dogwood stems, phormium and ferns from the garden. The creamy white button chrysanthemums are called Stallion and are growing through the sweet pea canes in the cut flower patch.  These flowers, as always, are for my wonderful MIL Joan.  She loves any signs of spring-  so I have added tiny hazel catkins. Together with the cheerful yellow chrysanths- they are guaranteed to make her smile. I just wish Doris could see them too. 

Thanks to Cathy for hosting this meme. Why not go over and see what the others are growing and how they are using  flowers from their gardens. Are you growing any plants passed down through the family, as I am? Or do any of your flowers remind you of friends and family? 

26 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – 28th November 2016 

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments. I must admit I didn’t grow chrysanths until my father in law gave me the family cuttings to keep and grow on. I’m so glad he did, and I’m really enjoying all the other chrysanthemums I’m growing in the cut flower patch now. Certainly cheers up November and gives me lots of colour to play with. Thanks again. Karen


  2. Beautiful arrangement. The bright yellows are cheery. I’ve been searching through family pictures lately and have found it delightful to come across plants on the porches and hydrangea shrubs and such in these old photos.

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    • You are right. I am looking through old family photos and never noticed before what they were growing. It’s so revealing. It’s an aspect of their lives I never knew about. It’s like piecing together a jigsaw. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Karen

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  3. Lovely shapes, textures and colours in your vase today. Really lovely for the last week in November. Blogging always sends me down memory lane. I don’t know why. Your post was very elegiac, I enjoyed reading it very much.

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    • Thank you for your very kind comments. This summer, I’ve enjoyed delving into my family archives. The photos are so revealing. My own family were farmers, and I see them with shire horses and hand ploughs. A hard life indeed. My life has been much easier than theirs. And yet they look happy. Family history is such a fascinating subject. I’m pleased I’ve got some time now to study the photos and piece together my past.


  4. What lovely sentiments you have expressed Karen – and like Christina increasingly it is friends and especially blogging friends that are in my thoughts in the garden with so many gifts of seeds and plants and cuttings going to and fro between us. What a bright and joyful collection you have today – Joan will be as delighted with them as all your blogging friends are. Thanks so much for sharing them

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    • Thank you Cathy for your lovely comments. I’m enjoying seeing what other people are growing and how they are using their gardens and their cut flowers. It’s a fascinating study. Speaking of cuttings….I’m popping your parcel in the post tomorrow. Should be with you on Wednesday 🙂 x


  5. Wonderful blog post that I enjoyed reading, and looking at the photos. Beautiful floral arrangement! Unfortunately losing my parents very early I could learn next to nothing about my family…Have a great new week Karen 🙂 x

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