8 thoughts on “Day 15 of my #AdventCalendar. My garden is along this country lane. The light at sunset shines on the road and leads the way home. Enjoy your day x

  1. This wasn’t a recent photo though, was it….? 😉 I love the thought of the sunset on the lane leading you home – we knew from the very first moment that this was the house (and garden) for us and that feeling of ‘going home’ each time we were returning from work/shopping/visits was very strong right from the start…

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    • Yes, that’s exactly it. When we first saw the house for sale, we parked in the village and walked to it. We never tire of that last little bit of the journey home. No matter what stress or strains we are suffering, we instantly relax as soon as we get to the lane. The photo was taken a couple of years ago. I thought it was kind of Christmassy for the advent theme.


    • Thanks Mike. Photo taken this time, two years ago. We had snowploughs clearing the lane that winter. This time, we’ve had 14 degrees in the day time, and it’s still 9 degrees tonight. That’s the same temperature as Rome. Thanks for stopping by x

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