WordlessWednesday. Walled garden doors 

Found at the National Trust’s Calke Abbey. We love the panel sides. Someone took a pride in this job. It’s right next to the Orangery, which dates back to 1777.

 How many gardeners have walked through this doorway into the walled kitchen garden over the past 250  or so years. It’s good to stop and ponder as we close one door on 2016 and think about opening new doors in 2017. 

10 thoughts on “WordlessWednesday. Walled garden doors 

  1. [J] Karen, I notice top right in the picture what appears to be lime plaster over the brickwork, and traces of lime over the brickwork elsewhere. I am therefore wondering if on this side of the door this was once a building. If that it is another door to the right of the picture (into an extant building), then this corner may have been a porch or lobby.

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    • How exciting! I’ve gone back and looked at the photo, and I see what you mean. I’ll find out more and let you know. I love solving mysteries like this. It does seem to be a very fancy door just to be from one side of the wall garden to the other. Thanks for looking. And thanks for the comments. All the best. Karen.


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