#WordlessWednesday – finding seed heads in the garden. 

Bramble Garden

I don’t cut back plants until spring. Any creature requiring a duvet of leaves, or a seed head sojourn, is welcome in my garden. Caught in sunlight, seed heads provide a heart-sing moment in January. Just when we all need some cheer.

Rudbeckia seed heads. Sunny all summer, a joy all winter. I love the mini five “petal” flowers in the centre of the seed head. A flower within a flower.

What are your favourite seed heads at the moment?

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8 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday – finding seed heads in the garden. 

    • Absolutely agree. Every little helps. A few seed heads might make the difference between surviving a cold snap and succumbing to the cold. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. All the best. Karen.


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