Wordlesswednesday- will it be Britain’s hottest June day for 176 years?

 Sunset view from the garden. Phew 30 degrees here for the last few days. Predicted temperature is 31 today. Grace cat flattens herself to the cool stone path. Hedgehogs drinking from saucers of water. Bats feasting on insects over the pond. Baby frogs swarming in the long grass of the orchard. It’s too hot for me. 

25 thoughts on “Wordlesswednesday- will it be Britain’s hottest June day for 176 years?

    • I’ve been getting up at 5 to try to beat the heat. Amazed to see the garden isn’t showing any signs of stress. The plants seem to be loving the heat. I’m only watering the greenhouse and poly tunnel. I’m looking rather longingly at photos of the seaside. x


  1. Love this kind of view with the trees on the skyline, Karen. Here, according to our weather monitors, it has certainly been over 30 at times this week but they may not be entirely accurate – a tad on the warm side!

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    • The garden is coping with the heat better than I am, Cathy. The roses seem to love these temperatures. But I’m flagging now. Everything’s growing like mad. Salad crops in particular. The cucumbers seem to grow overnight!

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    • Just come in from the summerhouse. So glorious watching the sunset and heat haze over the back field. The wheat is growing like mad. Watched the bats circling the garden.they follow the same route over and over again. Fascinating to watch them. Hedgehogs snuffling in the borders. Just waiting to see if we have baby hogs this year. Had three last summer. Enjoy the good weather x


    • Thank you. Even the cats are flattening themselves against the limestone floors. They look like tiger rugs. Still, everything is growing like mad. Including the weeds. Thanks for reading and sending cool wishes 🙂 x

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    • Phew, I’ve just cut some cucumbers from the plot. Not sure whether to eat them or cut two disks out to put on my eyes and lie down in a darkened room! Might do both! Double phew! All the best Mike x

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