#wordlesswednesday – BBC Gardeners’ World Live

Peony Gay Paree. From Kath’s Garden Plants display at the GWL show. Sumptuous colour. 

Of course, I ordered one from http://www.cathsgardenplants.co.uk. And brought home…. Peony Immaculee. Pure white double – and so scented. Dreamy.  Photo tomorrow. No internet tonight. Who else is growing peonies? 

14 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday – BBC Gardeners’ World Live

    • Isn’t it. Bought the white double cream one too, but sadly no internet so can’t post any photos. Oh, the joys of living in the countryside….. sigh.


    • Thanks for reading and getting in touch Cathy. I’m really enjoying the peonies this year. I took a huge basket of Sarah Bernhardt pink peonies into radio Leicester yesterday morning for the gardeners’ phone-in programme. The first question up was on peonies.


  1. I’m in love with these beauties, I’d have a whole bed full of them! We have a few scattered through the garden here, my favorite by a mile is Mlokosewitschii for its pink buds and simple delicate yellow flowers.. However when we visited RHS Chatsworth flower show there were many more that took my eye.. They are so seductive! Have a lovely weekend x

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    • My supports just stay there all year round. They are the Leander metal half moon type supports and I also wind round some willow and hazel circles. They are hopeless if left to flop. The slugs get in them and the rain finishes them. But propped up, mine have managed to shake off the rain. My white one called Shirley Temple copes with high winds and rain, fortunately. Thanks as always for reading and and for getting in touch, Brian. Much appreciated.


  2. A vision of peonific perfection… love the ragged petal edges… Not growing any this year, but took a few photos of a white (unidentified) one last week.. Peonies are so overblown + decadent…really like someone from the 18th century dressed for a masked ball, who time-travels and stumbles into a contemporary gathering.. Their bloom also so impractical in today’s smaller gardens, a very brief explosion of floral glory, with heads so heavy they cannot support themselves, done in by the first heavy shower… but what a glorious moment they inhabit.. Tree peonies also have those incredible lurid seeds…. A delight : )

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    • I was up at 6am planting mum’s seedlings for the cut flower patch and propping up the peonies. I didn’t realise they had such a wonderful scent. I’ve encircled mine with some willow and dogwood. They are a brief glory, but I wouldn’t be without them. Lovely to read your words at dawn today Jo. Love this gardening community I’ve found x

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      • Agree.. me too… what a great community of plant nuts ; ) Your mother (and mother-in-law) are the luckiest people! Love to read of your botanical pursuits… hope we can meet sometime.. would love to hear more about your radio work as well.. Thanks for your kind words.. need to get back to doing my own writing soon.. sadly neglected lately… Have a good one Karen… xx

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      • Well, as you know Jo, I can’t always do what I’d like. Family commitments come first. I don’t mind though. I’ve got lots to be grateful for. I’m really enjoying the radio work. That seems (touch wood) to fit in around family. Hopefully, things will get easier for both of us. Have a lovely weekend. Xx


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