#wordlesswednesday- a cider press planting for summer 

In a quiet corner of a farm garden where I work, there’s a beautiful old cider press. I’ve planted it with scented white nemesia, white waterfall lobelia and perennial Salvia Nemorosa Caradonna. All thrive in the semi- shade cast by the cathedral of beech trees in the background. It’s a heavenly spot. And while I’m working, there’s gentle longhorn cattle looking over the granite stone walls nearby. Their newborn calves are quite a distraction. Tea breaks are spent with elbows resting on the walls. We laugh at the calves capering like lambs. They race about, enjoying their fleeting chance to be light as air. I could stand there all day. But work in the walled garden calls. Spring is a busy, but wonderful time to be working on a farm. 

A rare glimpse of my working life. I usually keep quiet about work, but this is one of my favourite gardens. I just had to share this tranquil scene. You’ll just have to imagine the cuckoo calling. A sound that accompanied us all afternoon and into the early evening when this photo was taken. Click on the highlighted words for more information. 

20 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday- a cider press planting for summer 

    • Isn’t it glorious. It was found at a beautiful farm where is work as a garden designer. It’s a walled garden full of English roses. I will post more photos when I get a minute. I design gardens, but l always plant all the containers at every garden I work in. I work with two gardeners at the farm and it’s great to be part of the team.

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    • Thank you. It’s a glorious place to work. My favourite clients too. They appreciate the beauty of nature. Thanks for reading and for getting in touch. Have a great weekend. x


    • Thank you Brian. Your kind words are much appreciated. We have only heard them once briefly at home. But this cuckoo was flying back and forth over our heads all afternoon. Hope it found a mate. There are only 11,000 breeding pairs in the uk now. On the RSPB’s red list. Such a sad state. They were common when I was little. Now I’m meeting people who have never heard a cuckoo, or seen a hedgehog. Thanks again for taking the time to read and get in touch. Have a great weekend. x


    • Thank you Cathy. It’s rather a glorious setting. And the customers are my favourites too. They leave daisies growing in the lawn. Very in keeping with my own sentiments. Thanks for reading. X


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