Win a copy of Secret Gardens of East Anglia- and here’s an update on my fund-raising plans

Bramble Garden

I have always believed people are amazingly kind and generous. Now I have the proof.

A week ago I wrote here about combining my gardening skills to raise money for Rainbows Children’s Hospice. And the response has been overwhelming. I wrote about giving talks to garden groups- and hosting open gardens. And immediately my lovely garden design customers Pat and John Stanley agreed to help. And best-selling writer Barbara Segall offered to give a talk on her new book Secret Gardens of East Anglia.

Here’s a poster for the event.

As soon as I mentioned Rainbows, Fiona from The Printers company in Loughborough offered to do the artwork and produce the posters for me. Thank goodness she did, as my first attempts were very amateurish and you’d have laughed to see them! Here’s Fiona, left with her assistant Maggie, right.

As soon as I had my posters, I whizzed…

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17 thoughts on “Win a copy of Secret Gardens of East Anglia- and here’s an update on my fund-raising plans

  1. Thank you Karen for the great things you are doing! So much good will and beauty spread by flowers and friendlyness. First time i read your blog here…had to take pen and paper and write down varities to grow and muffins to bake…only we do not have self-raising flour here…
    with best wishes Kirsti s

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    • Thanks for reading and getting in touch Kirsti. I wonder if you can just use plain flour with extra baking powder. What do you usually use to make cakes? What country are you in. Thanks for your kind words, all the best. Karen


  2. Karen – what a great cause and what a lovely topic to come and learn about. The book looks amazing. You continue to inspire and energise me with your self-less action for others. A role model for me (not to mention all your garden design skills!!). See you on the day! x

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  3. Karen makes me very happy that everything is going very well. I told you: there are many good people in the world and you are one of them. That everything continues to go much better and that you have a great success for the Children of Rainbow. Good luck. With much affection, memories for your Mother and for you. :). Greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words. I can’t believe my luck. Tickets are selling well, and I’m starting to post them out to people! Now I’ve just got to learn how to make posh sandwiches for the afternoon tea. Just realised my cheddar cheese doorsteps won’t do! It must be something more refined :)) Thanks again for backing me up. It means a lot to me. Greetings from karen and Mum. Ps. I helped mum pot up 72 plug plants today -bought for a bargain £2. They were a “mystery” or pot-luck parcel where you don’t know what’s coming. Such a bargain. Made us very happy. Enjoy your weekend. Love Karen xx


  4. Good morning Karen on this balmy October Saturday. Glad to hear the tickets are going well. What I love about East Anglian gardens is that they astound me on their hollyhocks! Mine here struggle to flower. They, over there however, manage to grow theirs in shallow, sandy soil & they thrive into towering pillars of glorious bee filled glory! 😌

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    • Good morning Annie! Isn’t it a glorious day. That’s true about hollyhocks. There are a row of them in Wymeswold, all growing in a tiny crack between the house wall and the pavement, in no apparent soil at all- and they look stunning. Aren’t plants amazing. Enjoy your weekend. We are gardening at my in laws today, plus fixing the outside loo, and running round doing the shopping for them. Hoping we can sit in the garden for lunch. Fingers crossed 🙂 x


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