#wordlesswednesday – Smoke

Gardener’s Cottage at dusk at Easton Walled Gardens in Lincolnshire.

Visiting the Food Fair in the courtyard. Famous for its jam and chutney, fudge and cake. The gardens look fabulous. Wonderful to see the topiary pruned and the beds prepared – all ready for Snowdrops 17-25 February. A highlight of our winter calendar. The photo below was taken this February.

Meanwhile. Some more autumn photos to brighten your day:

I worked here, the winter before last. Such a beautiful place. Historic gardens dating back 400 years. Visit the website to see more photos. Sadly the house was demolished after the war.

The terraces and walled gardens have been lovingly restored.

A special place to visit at any time of the year. Do you have a favourite garden you like to visit to see the changing seasons?

24 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday – Smoke

  1. Karen are stunning photos like gardens that are beautiful. It must have been a delight to work at Easton Walled Gardeners last year. As for my favorite garden to see the changes of season are the gardens of the Palacio de la Granja, which are an hour and a half by car, at the foot of a mountain pass that divides Madrid from Segovia. The palace is wonderful and I never tire of seeing it: it is fully furnished. The gardens in Winter are snowy and beautiful. In the spring the bulbs come out and plant flowers and the trees sprout their buds and their flowers: the first one is the Hazel. The great fountains already work and the soft waterfalls also: they are beautiful. At the beginning of the summer, since there is not too hot there and the nights are cool, the flowers are magnificent. In autumn the colors of deciduous trees and shrubs are spectacular against the green background of evergreens. Reds, yellows and greens: a symphony of color. And back to start with Winter. Memories to your Mother. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • You paint such a wonderful picture. I feel like I am there in the garden with you. Such beauty is to be found in gardens. Thanks for sharing and for your lovely kind words. As always, much appreciated. Greetings from Karen and Mum. Memories to your family. Hoping you have a lovely weekend all together xx

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    • Hi Anna, I can highly recommend the sweet pea seeds, especially the heritage varieties. Come over in the summer and we’ll have tea and cake in the little cafe. Thanks for reading and getting in touch. Karen


  2. We visited Easton gardens a couple of years ago to see the snowdrops and thought it was a marvellous place. Hopefully we can see it again soon to admire their sweetpeas. Your pictures are lovely and very evocative of the history of the place. I can imagine that first photo painted in an illuminated style!

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  3. So many large beautiful house were demolished after the wars due to costs, labour shortages and taxation. I find it very sad, once they have gone all the history has gone with them. The NT is not perfect but without it many more would have been lost.

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