#wordlesswednesday – potting shed table

While I’m working, little pots of snowdrops to enjoy- close up. When fully open there’s a hint of honey scent. A joy, whilst I’m sowing seeds and pottering about getting ready for spring.

23 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday – potting shed table

  1. I love the honey scent! I noticed that different varieties have different scents – has anyone else found this? One that I have is distinctly spicy, like a sweet bun. Not sure of the variety’s name though as I’ve lost track which ones I planted…

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    • Some seem stronger than others, depending on the weather. The more sunshine, the better the scent. Yesterday they were glorious. Today it’s raining, no scent, thanks for reading. All the best. Karen

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    • I usually wait until they are nearly in flower, and then dig up a small clump, pop them into Sankey pots and stand them on the potting shed window so I can enjoy them close up. I’ve just brought some named varieties to add to my collection and I’ll plant them out in a nice woodland clearing with plenty of leafmould and where there are already some snowdrops doing well. Then next spring, I’ll do the same. Dig some up and enjoy, then replant as they go over. A good way of remembering to divide them. I’m spending 15 mins a day at the moment just deciding and replanting. Eventually I’ll have the drifts I dream about….. hopefully :)) x


    • Thank you Anna. I just love studying them close up. I love the little heart in the markings. And as you say the scent is delicate, but very welcome in the middle of winter. Thanks for reading x


    • It’s a lovely peaceful haven. Except the robin is currently telling me off for daring to open the door and tread on his “ territory.” I think they are making a nest on the back shelves. They will have to learn to share with me! Thanks again for reading. All the best. Karen x

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  2. Karen I imagine your table in the Shed with that honey aroma of the Bells in the little pots of your beloved Grandfather. I img you planting seeds of beautiful flowers and plants that will bloom in Spring. The photo is wonderful. Greet your Mother from my side with affection. Karen all the best for you. Take care. Greetings with love of Margarita.

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    • Thank you kindly Margarita. I’m so glad you can picture the scene. It’s very peaceful in there. Just me and the cat today. But I had the heater on. It was quite perishing cold outside. Greetings and love to you and your family. Love Karen xx.


  3. Oh my goodness … I’m seriously jealous! I live in military accommodation where there is little point in ding anything other than keep the garden neat and tidy. I’m a gardener though and miss it so very much. I did pots and veg etc last summer but its just not the same! Have fun and do please post any pictures …. I love them! ☀️☀️

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