In a Vase on Monday

Few words will accompany today’s IAVOM. Regular readers will know that each week I run round my garden and make a bouquet from everything in flower. Today these flowers are sent to cheer anyone who’s ill, in pain or suffering.

Today I’m sitting by the hospital bed of someone I love. Someone I’ve known all my life. The hospital staff are like angels. So compassionate, caring, patient. I’m overwhelmed by everything they do. They care for me too, reassure me, prop me up when I start to sink.

For the past few months, I’ve been visiting my relatives – I won’t name them to protect their privacy- virtually every other day, becoming more and more concerned and not knowing what to do for the best.

On Sunday, I called an ambulance. And nothing now will be the same again.

I will have to live with the guilt, as they didn’t want to go. We arrived at hospital at 4pm. They were on the ward in a bed by 6pm. So relieved the stories of lying in hospital corridors for hours on end did not happen to us.

Today, I’m on automatic pilot. Flowers are picked. There’s a comfort in familiar things. The flowers have gone on the relatives’ window ledges as usual. There’s no one there to see them. But passers-by will enjoy them. The front garden is weeded and the grass neat and tidy.

Flowers have the power to soothe and comfort. And there’s never been a time when they’ve been needed more. I’m thinking of all the years these posies have given joy to my relatives and all the carers and visitors to their home. A cheerful welcome at their front door. And flowers always on the mantelpiece and kitchen window.

Sending my best wishes to you all.

40 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Karen, you’re a fighter. Picking flowers from your garden to make that magnificent and beautiful bouquet of flowers, baking a cake, putting flowers through the window sills. Karen the decision to call an ambulance had to take it sooner or later. Your beloved relative in your house was getting worse every day. You have done very well calling the ambulance and entering your dear relative in the Hospital. In the Hospital is controlled by all kinds of doctors 24 hours a day and by nurses who say they are angels and take them a bouquet of flowers and cake. To be sitting in a Hospital next to a loved one that goes downhill is very hard. I’ve been through that with my older brother who died of cancer 24 years ago. It wears a lot Karen take care, your beloved relative is already old, has enjoyed your life, do not see you sad but you take care a lot you have your whole life ahead and your daughters who need you. My heart is broken by the news. All my love and my support are with you. If you need anything or talk, do not hesitate to write. I hope it’s just a nightmare and your beloved relative gets well …….. although you do not cling to that idea. Sorry to be so direct and negative and speak to you so clearly someone who has no right to do so. Sorry but for you to call an ambulance the situation is not good and listen to what the doctors tell you. I consider you my friend and I want to help you, I would like to be by your side to give you strength and encouragement and a shoulder to lean on: I give it to you here. Cheer up. They need you but take care of yourself, if you fall many will fall with you. Lots of love. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. Your words of advice ring true and it is good to hear your sensible voice. I’m pulling myself together today. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. But today I’m seeing things in perspective. You are right. It is heartbreaking. But we as a family cannot be doctors and nurses -without training or experience. , I could not make the situation right for my relatives. I could not watch suffering and not do anything. So sorry to hear about your dear brother. That must have been devastating for all of you. Thanks again for your lovely kind words. You are a dear friend and you are beside me, giving me strength and encouragement. It is much appreciated. I hope to have more positive news tomorrow. Much love – karen xx


      • Karen clear that I am by your side giving you encouragement and strength. Thank you for the kind words about my brother, I always keep him in my heart and I know that he watches over me from heaven. Now it is the present and you have to concentrate on yourself. I hope you receive good news. If they are not, do not let them fall and you feel that you are not good for anything. It is not in your hands. Give much love and affection to your beloved relative and you Karen take care of yourself a lot, that is in your hands and your dear relative will want to see you well and not bad because he will feel guilty about it. So take good care of yourself, they need you very well in health to give a lot of love and affection, to brighten the soul and life of your beloved sick relative. Think like that because that’s what works. I send you all my support, my strength, my courage and my love. Anything you want, you tell me. I’m with you by your side. Take care of yourself, Karen. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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      • Thank you so much Margarita. Your loving words are such a comfort to me. You have helped a lot. I temporarily lost my ability to think straight. Life is a roller coaster at the moment. There’s good news, then bad, then good again. Today, I’m remembering to breathe. I’m giving myself a talking to when my heart just starts beating fast for no reason. I feel less in a panic. You are right, they need me well and strong to meet the next challenge along this road we are all travelling. I will report back tomorrow with some better news I think. Take care too and thanks for all your good and sensible advice which has helped me immeasurably . Xxx


  2. What a beautiful vase and such comforting words. There are indeed angels on earth and I believe many of them work in hospitals. Thinking of you and your relatives. I do hope that the coming weekend brings some relief and peace to all of you. Very best wishes

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  3. Such a difficult time, Karen, and such a long and painful journey to get there with more steps still to go. Making the effort to pick your blooms as usual and place them on the windowsills shows how important both blooms and family routines are in your life and well done for finding the strength to continue with this. As always, you are thinking of others more than yourself, demonstrated in the blooms and baking for the nurses’ room – but do remember to nurture yourself too. And please don’t feel guilt at your decision to call the ambulance – it would have been an emotional time for all concerned in these coming days whether you called it or not, and at least in hospital they will have round the clock care. Take care xx

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  4. Your beautiful arrangements will bring comfort in such difficult times. Take care of yourself, Karen. Thinking of you all. Please let me know if I can do anything. Much love, Mary xx

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    • Thank you Mary. So sad to see so many people without visitors. My lovely relative is directing me to go over and say a few words of comfort to “those poor souls.” Thanks again. See you soon. Much love – karen xx


    • Thank you so much Peter. Your kind words are much appreciated today. I’m just picking flowers to take to the nurses’ room, and home made cake. I’m powerless to do more. I wish I could wave a wand and make everyone young and well, but I can’t. Thank you again. Your kindness is a comfort. Karen


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