Six on Saturday

For a change, I’m going to let you wander around peacefully on your own. I’m in the potting shed cleaning tools and generally getting set up for the growing season. There’s a lot to do.

Overhead there’s skylarks. I’ve turned the summerhouse towards the back fields so you can watch them. Such a wonderful sight and sound. Four years ago, we had only one. A lonely skylark is heartbreaking. No amount of frantic singing attracted a mate. Since then numbers have increased and I counted several today. They nest on the ground in the field behind ours.

Like a mirror, the field is reflected in the glass. In the top right window, you can see the trees on the other side of the field.

We peep through the gap in the hedge to watch the skylarks.

Bullfinches are investigating a bird box in the trees behind the summerhouse.

Finches have been eating the wild clematis seeds. Each day I replace the stolen wisps of old man’s beard.

Pots of Paperwhite narcissi sit on the steps. The scent drifts in through the doors.

There’s lots of white Joan of Arc crocus too. Plenty of bumble bees today. It feels more like April than February.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a walk around my garden.

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Skylarks :

Bullfinches :

Paperwhites ;

Joan of Arc crocus :

37 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Everyone else’s crocus are so impressive. I no longer grow them because they do not naturalize here, and when I grow them as annuals, they bloom just above the surface of the soil. (Isn’t that what I just said about hellebores?)
    Anyway, Skylarks are rad. So are Regals, Rivieras and Centuries. My favorites are the Electras!

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    • Thank you. There’s a nice pile of garden books in there and the latest English Garden magazine. There will be tea, and cream, jam and scones in five minutes…. 🙂 xx


  2. Karen thank you for letting me go for free in your garden, I will smell all your flowers. Preparing gardening tools for the new season: do not get too tired. It’s great that the lonely skylark now has friends and you hear her beautiful song and nest again this year in the field, on the ground. Your Summer House that I love I love: it is cozy, it invites you to sit on it and read, see the birds, to rest looking where you want and a thousand other things. I wish with all my heart that the bullfinches like the bird box and nest there. You would have very cheerful singers as neighbors! You have made a crown so beautiful that the finches can not resist eating the wild seeds of clematis and plucking strands of the old man’s beard to make their nests; although later it will touch you every day to replace it. I love the flowerpots with Paperwhite Narcissus. The photo of the white saffron Joan of Arc with the bumblebee eating I love. I am very happy that you have very good weather and sun, that it lasts a lot. Thank you very much for the walk through your beautiful garden, I have seen wonderful things and I have enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the links: they are all very interesting. Love and memories for your Mother from me. Love, health, strength and happiness for your whole family and for you. Take care and rest. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you. We spent a year renovating the summerhouse. It’s a 1930s turntable one. The local saw mill got very excited with the project and cut up a whole ( fallen) oak tree to replace a few of the wavy edged panels. We hope we’ve saved it for years to come.

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