Garden Press Event – trip to London for me!

It takes a lot to entice me away from home and garden these days. I am happiest pottering around the plot, doing a bit of weeding, sowing a few seeds. Simple pleasures. But each February I venture out to visit the Garden Press Event in London. It’s the start of the gardening season and the annual event showcases new products and ideas for gardeners. So there’s new seeds, plants, composts, feeds, and tools and machines to see.

I’ll report back later and let you know what’s caught my eye. Meanwhile, I’ve run round the garden and taken some photos this morning- a kind of amulet for me- and a way of carrying my garden with me, in picture form at least. I hope you enjoy this morning’s walk around my plot.

Spring bulbs on the garden trolley. The scent is fabulous in the early morning sunshine. It’s mild enough to wear a jumper. No need for a coat, gloves, hat….

Crocus Joan of Arc. My favourite white crocus. Much loved by bees.

Crocus tommasinianus. Despite the squirrels. If you can get them past the newly-planted stage, the squirrels are not so interested. They seem to only like the fresh, dried bulbs here. The woodland garden has small patches of lilac crocus. I hope they will join up and make a glade of colour – eventually.

Snowdrops are starting to go over. A later-flowering variety is Robin Hood. Living on the edge of Nottinghamshire and being familiar with the tales of Robin Hood, I couldn’t resist this variety. It’s very tall and robust. Highly recommended. I’m looking out for Maid Marion and Little John to make up a trio.

Galanthus Madeleine also flowers later than the singles and doubles in my garden. A delicate beauty. It doesn’t like the heat and has not lasted long this year.

Not sure what this one is called. I’m afraid I’m not good with labels. But isn’t it pretty, with green-tipped petals. I expect someone will help us out with a name.

Bees everywhere today. I’ve never seen so many different types out in February. And butterflies too. We have Clouded Yellow, Peacocks , and Painted Lady.

A quick look down the hedgerow before I head for London. Lovely to see lambs tails, hazel catkins. There’s a hint of green tinge from the tiny buds on viburnum, dogwood, sloe and crab apple. I can’t wait to see the hedgerow burst into life.

Just time to view the trees on the ridge. Today they are set against a bright blue sky. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

I might be ready to head towards the city now. But I’ll be racing home again soon.

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Garden Press Event

22 thoughts on “Garden Press Event – trip to London for me!

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  2. Karen I wish you with all my heart that you have a great time in London and that in the Garden Press Event you discover many interesting things for the garden. Then you will have to rest your body and mind to see so many things, I know from experience of going to fairs. I am glad that one day has dawned, so beautifully beautiful are the photos of your garden. No wonder you do not want to leave your house and your garden never: I would not want either. Your Garden Cart is a paradise of beautiful flowers with fragrance, I love it. The Crocus Joan of Arc is divine. The Crocus tommasinianus with its lilac color I like a lot like the Robin Hood Snowdrops. Galanthus Madeleine is gorgeous. The snowdrop with green tip petals I like a lot. I love the photo with the bee eating from the flower. The hedge is prepared to emerge from the winter lethargy and its advance are the beautiful lamb tails and hazelnut aments. The green meadow with the trees in the background and the blue sky is a picture that I love. Karen thank you very much for the photos of your wonderful and beautiful garden: they make me smile and they raise my spirits. I have entered the Garden Press Center link and it is very interesting: you will have a great time seeing many new gardening things. When you get home, rest a couple of days take good care of yourself. You’ll have time to tell us what you’ve seen. Love, health, strength and happiness for your whole family and for you. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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  3. Love all your pots of spring beauties. Snowdrop Robin Hood is well and truly over in my garden, but Little John was even earlier, he was one of the first to flower. The snowdrops haven’t liked the sunshine and warmer temperatures at all, they are used to it being cold and damp when they are in flower, I think they will be getting their wish very soon!

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