Out of my pottingshed- again …..

Regular readers will know, I live a peaceful life. I’m happiest in my potting shed. I work as a garden designer so most days are spent with plants. It doesn’t sound exciting, but it suits my nature, and I’m happy.

I’m always surprised when opportunities come along- taking me out of my comfort zone. I’m even more surprised at myself when I say yes!

Two years ago, out of the blue, a producer from  BBC local radio phoned  and asked me to talk about  work. I’d designed some school gardens and was working with a charity to create  a garden for disabled children.

A week later I found myself at the studios of BBC Radio Leicester, chatting on the Ben Jackson afternoon show. There were a few moments of panic when I learned it would be live- and I’d have to talk for an hour. But luckily- being radio- no one could see my knees shaking.

Despite feeling like a fish out of water, and going completely blank, I survived the ordeal. And then I was really amazed when they asked me to join the gardeners question time team on Radio Leicester’s Down to Earth programme. I am more of a listener than a talker, but it’s a lot of fun. There’s laughter and support from the more experienced members on the team.

Here’s  a link to a recent programme. Whizz past the news to 06.00 on the timeline:


I’m telling you this to encourage you to ring up your local radio station and tell them about YOUR work- whatever it is. They have space to fill- every day! And they want to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be work. It can be a hobby. Or you might want to promote an event, or perhaps open gardens. It’s an opportunity you might not have thought about. And a little gentle encouragement might be all you need…..

Be brave- and remember, If I can do it, so can you. And you never know where it might lead. This week I went along to the Garden Press Event in London to report on the latest plants, seeds and growing techniques. I’ll share a link to the programme when it’s out on the BBC website. And more photos next time.

Ring up- and  please let me know how you get on.

I love  blue hyacinths, planted last October, and scenting the potting shed today

I’ve propped up the Carnegie white hyacinths with hazel twigs

Pottingshed shed window. I have to really tear myself away from my garden.

Thanks for reading.

30 thoughts on “Out of my pottingshed- again …..

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Karen – and well done for following up opportunities that take you out of your comfort zone. Such an empowering thing to do. I am already aware that it would be helpful to contact our local paper about my Open Garden nearer the time, and reading this post makes me think I could also contact our local radio station too. I love seeing your potting shed pictures – and what a good idea to prop up the hyacinths with hazel twigs!

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    • That you Cathy. You are right. It’s not just local newspapers who can promote events like open gardens. Last winter I did a walk and talk around three gardens that I’d designed, to raise money for charity, and five of the people who attended had heard it on the radio. We managed to raise £1,000 in one afternoon for a fruit and vegetable garden project for an orphanage in Malawi. I’d never done anything like it before. Thanks for all your kind comments. They are always appreciated. Love Karen x

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    • Thank you Sarah. I just thought it might give someone the encouragement they need to have a go and do the same as me. I kept seeing glimpses of you, on the other side of the stands all through the day. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to chat properly. I found it difficult to concentrate in such a noisy and hot environment. I’m just amazed it made any sense at all! Thanks again for your kind comments. See you soon, I hope. x


  2. I really enjoy seeing what’s inside and outside your sanctuary! Hats off to you for jumping out of your comfort zone, you must feel a great sense of pride on achieving a bit of fame. I must admit since I’ve started contributing to the mememe online women’s magazine it’s made me acutely aware of how we manage our garden! In a good way.. I’m no expert but if I can encourage other people to get out into their gardens then I’m happy xx

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    • That’s what it’s all about… encouraging people to have a go at gardening. I recently met someone who said they’d love to grow vegetables and herbs, but didn’t know where to start, which composts to buy, or which plants to combine. They had tried in the past and failed, and it had put them off. Good for you for doing your bit to encourage gardeners. I’m all for it. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. As always, it’s much appreciated.

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  3. Karen, I wouldn’t dare offer my restricted knowledge on plotting anything in a garden. There are so many talented amateur gardeners within reach whose gardens are a learning experience in themselves. I am content to derive ideas, like many people do. I don’t lead in pottering around in a garden.

    I wish you more plant nurturing power to your elbow!

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  4. Oh, well done Karen an d how exiting to hear of your continued media success. I’m sure your story will both encourage and inspire lots of people who would like to publicise their work or open garden to have the confidence to approach their local radio stations.

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    • Thank you Ceri. I was in a right panic about it at the time. But it just occurred to me the other day that people might not realise there’s an opportunity to promote their work on radio. So I thought I’d share my experience and encourage others to do the same as me. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. All the best. Karen

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      • You’re right. I think many of us have associated those who speak on the radio as being somehow extra specially trained, talented, knowledgeable etc but when you put it as you have, the local radio stations have the remit to fill their schedules with local interest stories and so local people talking about their local work fits the bill exactly. Thank you Ceri

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