#wordlesswednesday -spring has arrived in my potting shed

Potted bulbs planted in October have burst into bloom this week. The scent is just wonderful!

 Delph Blue hyacinthstete-a-tete mini daffodils white Carnegie Hyacinths, and creamy white Jacob hellebore. On the other side of the table, out of sight, is my seed sowing station. It’s lovely to be enveloped in spring scents. Much nicer than (the usual) lawnmower engine oil and compost! 

Have your spring flowers burst into bloom yet, or are you still waiting for that wonderful moment? 

35 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday -spring has arrived in my potting shed

  1. There was a lot of faffing about putting bulbs into the bottom of the fridge to make them think they had had a winter, then potting them up and putting them in the heated greenhouse. I’ve got them about four weeks earlier than in the garden. It was a lot of effort for two pots of tulips. Christina from Hesperides garden wrote about it last year and I copied her idea.


    • Thank you Torrey! That’s so kind of you to read and comment. Many of the bulbs can be bought at gardens that open for charity. Have you been to Hodsock Priory in the Midlands? Wonderful day out- plus the plant sales are amazing. All my cyclamen came from there and they are making beautiful carpets of colour. All the best with your garden. Karen x


    • I hate the winter cold. I knew i would need something cheerful by this time of the year. I’ve really enjoyed your reports from Australia. A bit of sunshine…even if it is vicariously enjoyed x


  2. D > How lovely! Unfortunately our potting shed windows only get enough light to do this from late March to early October – otherwise I would be delighted to have something similar to your happy-making array of flowers – and scents. J will just have to build another shed …

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    • Those windows were retrieved from a skip in the village ( with the owner’s permission ) when they were putting in double glazing. I absolutely love them. They run the length of my huge potting table which is actually a massive piece of hardboard propped up on four gateposts. Shh. Don’t tell anyone :)) x

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  3. Your potting shed is so lovely, had to laugh at the engine oil. – today Iris reticulata (grown outside) made an appearance here too, just hoping they are still ok after tomorrow’s forecast winds.

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    • What you can’t see is there’s a boat mast dangling in the eaves. I have to share the pottingshed (reluctantly) with my other half. Nearly strangled myself the other day when all the rigging dropped down in the dark. Still it has its uses. I hang my onions from it…. and there’s fairy lights too…. Thanks for laughing with me. X


    • Thank you, Denzil. Certainly makes work in the pottingshed more pleasant. The little Iris flowers popped open before my eyes today. Like dragonflies emerging from a pond. Such beauty. Glad I saw it. x

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    • Thank you Marian. It’s a mild 12 degrees here today. The Iris reticulata unfurled in a hurry, as if to catch the season. Fresh and dewy like a dragonfly wing. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s much appreciated. Karen x


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