Spring Garden Visit for Mothering Sunday

It’s always to treat to discover a garden you haven’t visited before- especially when they open for only one day a year. Gunthorpe Hall proved to be the perfect place to take Mum for our special Mothering Sunday outing.

We stood and admired these iron gates and views over the Rutland farmland. One thing we wished we had was a guide for all the rare breed sheep. Mum and I thought we recognised a few, but there were many we’d never seen before. The lambs were a springy delight. 

The park surrounding the formal garden is awash with daffodils, and every kind of spring bulb you can think of. 

Daffodils have naturalised in the grass around the magnolia, cherry and lime trees. Backed by a south facing wall, there’s a new kitchen garden with raised beds and a new Hartley Botanic greenhouse.

We all love to mooch in greenhouses, looking to see what other people are  growing. We found broad beans and  beetroot seedlings  looking very healthy and thriving. 

I would just love to get my hands on these sleeper-edged beds. There would be sweetpeas, and dahlias, and cut flowers galore! 

And after all that gardening, I’m sure I would be quite comfortable lying on these outdoor couches, with wonderful canvas sails to shade the sun. 

Well, some people have gnomes, stone statues etc. And then there’s……plastic penguins! Not sure what the story is behind these slightly grumpy-looking penguins, but there were quite a few about the place- all in different colours. And a white plastic gorilla, and a red teddy bear. I will try to find out and report back…….

We weren’t sure about the scary-looking eyes. But we did love the cowslip bank and the mulberry tree underplanted with thousands of bulbs. 

Gunthorpe Hall, near Oakham, opens for the Leicestershire National Gardens Scheme once a year. I can highly recommend a visit. The garden is a wonderful spring delight. Mum loved her outing – and the delicious afternoon tea made by all the hard working volunteers.  

Do you have any favourite spring gardens you like to visit? Or have you, like us, found somewhere new and special to visit? 

20 thoughts on “Spring Garden Visit for Mothering Sunday

  1. This truly was a breath of spring for me—so delighted to have landed here at your blog and found myself in the midst of gorgeous gardens! Thank you for sharing them; I can see I’ve lots of lovely wandering to do around ‘your place’ online.

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    • Thank you so much Kathryn. Welcome to my garden. You’ll find it a peaceful place where wildlife is welcome! Thanks again for taking the time to read and get in touch. All the best. Karen

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  2. AS others have said, it’s a shame it only opens once a year, but what a lovely Mother’s Day visit it was for the pair of you. So good to have lots of gardens to visit nearly on your doorstep


  3. A most enjoyable post and lovely pictures. The penguin and bear look rather out of place.
    It’s a shame that it only opens once a year as it must look very different later on when it’s all planted up and flowering. xx

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    • Thanks Mike. Hope you are managing to get some time in at the plot now. Weather still too cold to plant anything here. Still preparing the beds. Have a great week. Karen x


    • The daffodils did look breathtaking. But we just spotted that little cowslip on a bank as we were leaving. It was at eye level and we spent ages looking at it, just marvelling at its delicate shape and colour. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to get in touch. It’s much appreciated. Karen x


    • Thanks for reading and getting in touch Pauline. Mum had a great day out. Our favourite bit of the day was watching the lambs running up and down, as if in a race. And the anxious mothers chasing after them. We sympathised with them! x


    • What a lovely, kind offer. That’s really made my day!!! I would absolutely love to come to see you and would love to hear your recommendations of places to visit. I’ve promised mum a trip to Wales to see where she was born and see if we have any relatives left there. Will send an e mail. Thanks again for your friendship- which I so much appreciate. Love Karen x

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