First picnic of the season. We visited Hodsock Priory for the bluebells.

No picnic is complete without jam jar flowers- and chocolate cake.

And this is the glorious view. 

I wrote about Hodsock snowdrops here. Also a must-visit for bluebells. Last chance to see them this coming weekend 6th and 7th May, 10-3pm. I’ve shared more photos over on twitter @kgimson. 

Do you have any favourite bluebell woods you like to visit? Are you a fan of picnics? 

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    • Thank you Caro. We managed to find an apple orchard in the car park at Coton Manor for our picnic today. It’s Alison’s (@papaver) vintage hamper, and my Leicestershire wicker baskets. We pool resources on our garden trips out. Thanks for taking the time to read and get in touch. Come and join us sometime 🙂 x


  1. Visiting some friends in Cornwall, I was amazed by the bluebells growing along the roadside verges towards their village. They looked so beautiful along with other wild flowers, any gardener would of been proud of it.

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    • I love Cornwall, Brian. As we were driving to Hodsock, we travelled along roads passing through the Sherwood Forest. Vast areas left and right of the road were just denim blue, interspersed with lime green of the newly unfurling beech tree leaves. Such moments are stored up in the memory -until next spring. Thanks for getting in touch. All the best. Karen


    • Now you have made me laugh out loud. Thank you for your lovely comments which always make me chuckle. Do come and visit Hodsock with me when you get the chance. It really is a little piece of heaven! 🙂 x

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    • Me too! I’ve got a little patch I call “Hodsock Corner.” Mum and I always buy some snowdrops and cyclamen every year. They are a favourite feature in our gardens now. Always lovely to have a reminder of a fab day out garden visiting. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. All the best. Karen.

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    • Thank you Annie. That’s so kind of you to say so. It really is a dreamy place to visit. Only open selected days, so we mark it in the calendar and make our annual pilgrimage for snowdrops and then bluebells. I’m hoping one day they open for roses. Fingers crossed. Thanks for reading and getting in touch. Best wishes. Karen

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  2. Looks like you had all the ingredients for a great picnic: fair weather, a quiet green spot, comestibles, and good company… Are those Beeches next to Bluebells? Bring on some warmer weather and many excuses for pleasant moments on a blanket, savouring cake, vistas and conversation : ) x

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    • Hi Jo. They are beech trees. I love that steel grey bark against the bluebells. Perfect combination. Well Jo, I shall expect you to accompany us next year. No excuses!!! Love karen x

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      • Really is a great one..Beech trunks always make me think of elephant legs.. Thanks Karen… certainly don’t get such tempting invites often… and the cake may be the clincher ; ) xx

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