Last chance to visit bluebell woods…..

Cold weather has held back the bluebells this year. They are still looking glorious. Last chance to visit Coton Manor tomorrow.  Here’s some photos from our visit today. As usual, we started with a picnic. Spreading our rugs under the branches of some apple trees, we  tucked into home-made bread and warming soup, followed by an array of cakes and shortbread. A great start to our garden visit.

Our little haven can be found at the far end of the car park. Funnily enough, we’d never noticed the orchard before. But full of blossom today, we could hardly miss it. Next we set out to visit the bluebells.

As you can see, the bluebells are at their peak of perfection. It’s a sight I’ll hold in my memory until next spring. That blue, with the unfurling lime green leaves, and the honey scent. Just glorious!

We found the dogs’ graves. What a peaceful resting place.

The gardens always provide breathtaking planting, deserving of a separate post. But for now, here’s a taster of what we found.  Luckily the wisteria escaped any damage from the recent hard frosts.

I love this view from the terrace steps.

I wrote about visits to bluebell woods here mentioning Coton Manor  and Hodsock Priory .  For more information click on the highlighted words. Also look at the Woodland Trust website for bluebell woods all over the country.  Be quick to visit. They are at their best right now.

32 thoughts on “Last chance to visit bluebell woods…..

  1. Oooh, loads of garden eye candy! Wisteria will always stop me in my tracks – what is it about that plant, I wonder? I know you went to see the bluebells but I absolutely love the orchard that you sat in to have your picnic. The trees are such a wonderful shape – a testament to the gardening team care they’ve received. I can see why you’d have an annual pass, well worth several return visits!

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    • Thank you for reading and getting in touch Gerri. Mum and I have taken out an annual pass so we can pop by every few weeks to see what’s growing. Plus the little cafe sells the best cake and hot chocolate! have a great week. Love karen x

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments Cynthia, which have made my day. Thanks as ever for reading and getting in touch. It’s always appreciated 🙂 x


    • The bluebells have lasted the longest I can ever remember. But the temperatures have been below average for at least a month, which really suits all the bulbs. The wisteria is looking fabulous wherever we go at the moment. Such a lovely colour- and the scent is a bonus. Thanks for reading and for getting in touch. Enjoy your week 🙂 x

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  2. Are the bluebells the European mix (Spanish I think). rather than the true old English Bluebell? The picture evoked memories of Boreham Wood, now no longer in existence as a wood. A housing estate built on it many years ago bears the name. The only visible suggestion it ever did exist.

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    • Coton Manor wood has the native bluebells. They are much more dainty than the Spanish ones, and have flowers on one side of the stem. I have quite a problem with the Spanish ones in my garden. I bought them as English,but they turned out to be a mixture. Nightmare of a job weeding out the non-natives. I don’t think I’ll ever really get rid of them. Thanks for reading and getting in touch.


  3. What a stellar place… Thanks for sharing, Karen… Fairly awesome Wisteria on the house… can just imagine the scent…Wonder how old it is? Imagine must fill the rooms if any windows can be opened… Love those curved steps : ) What a great place for an afternoon ramble, with comestibles… Also a good idea to include the guide to other BB woods.. though I Imagine the tranquility of this one would be difficult to match…x

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    • The bluebells have lasted such a long time this year. They do well when there’s cold weather. Yes, the scent from that wisteria was knock out. It’s such a glorious sight when you walk round the corner and see it. A wow moment for sure. Thanks for reading and taking the time to get in touch. Sorry I missed you last night. Fast asleep after all that walking through the woods. Enjoy your day. Love karen x

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