#wordlesswednesday -RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

This is what greets you as you enter the show grounds via the Palladian Bridge. Jonathan Moseley’s floral extravaganza is a foretaste of what’s to come. Rising from the River Derwent is the base of a willow snake, inspired by the Cavendish crest. It is covered in waxy-textured flowers and succulents to evoke the serpent’s scales. As soon as I saw it, I hoped the show would be as spectacular. And it is. I travelled a long way today to visit the show, and I’ve come home smiling-all the way down the M1. 

The RHS has managed to capture the essence of summer.  A real festival feel.  The new Chatsworth Flower Show showcases everything that’s fabulous about horticulture. 

18 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday -RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

  1. Karen – you have missed me again…! Glad you had a good day – I am afraid the traffic and crowds took more than the edge off it for us 😐 Will be posting late today, or tomorrow

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    • Oh no! We are uncoordinated! sorry the traffic spoilt it for you. I think the advice for anyone going is to leave at dawn! Sue Biggs is putting double the number of parking Marshalls on duty today. She said the problem was partly people being a bit nervous of parking on wet grass. I watched and nearly everyone in front of me asked the Marshalls if they would be able to get off the grass at the end of the day, or if they would get stuck. Such terrible weather the day before. I didn’t make it to press day. Xxx


    • Oh you will love it! I’ve come home feeling so happy. A bit like having spent the day at a family summer wedding, that kind of happy. There were so many smiling faces. I kept stopping to ask people if they were enjoying the show, and they all said positive things. The gardens are wonderful. Some really lovely planting connotations I’ve scribbled down to copy in my own garden. Just make sure you leave home really early, though. There’s a bike race planned on Saturday which will cause a few traffic problems. I loved every minute. Enjoy your day. More photos tomorrow. I have no internet again tonight. Sigh. X

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      • Thankyou for all of your tips, we got there early and stood in the que for 45 mins in the pouring rain wondering what we were doing! However when we finally got onto the show ground it was like feasting after fasting!! I devoured everything in sight and came homefeeling full and satisfied. It all lived up to my expectations despite the weather, I’d go again next year x

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      • Yes, I think the rain and high winds caused a lot of discomfort for all of us. I think next year they will have to put up some sort of shelter for people to stand under while they are queuing. Queuing is bad enough, but in torrential rain, it’s very dispiriting. Glad you enjoyed it in the end. Me too. I will go again.

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      • Hope you enjoyed your day out. I loved the gardens and the atmosphere. But I’ll be staying at a B and B next year and cycling down to the show garden. I was stuck In traffic for 3 hours. I didn’t panic though. Just kept the radio on and sang along while I waited. It was worth it, despite the traffic though x

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