In a Vase on Monday 

I’m cheating this week- as I’m on a train to London to visit the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. So I haven’t even got a jam jar with me. But, as always, I’ve picked a bunch of flowers from home to keep me company on my journey. There’s a comfort in a reminder from home.

The scent of my sweetpeas is an antidote to diesel fumes and the ever -louder tannoy announcements. I enjoyed wandering around the veg plot at dawn picking  these flowers.
This year I’m growing a variety of new and heritage varieties. My favourites are High Scent, Albutt Blue and Mrs Collier white. I love the small flowered heirloom type. They seem to have the strongest scent. Here’s a slideshow from my garden this morning.



I wish you could smell the sweet peas. It’s the scent of summer. As always i’m grateful to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Go and have a look at what Cathy’s growing and showcasing in a Vase this week.
Meanwhile…. I’ve made it to Hampton Court. What a trek! ….here’s a taster of the gardens …..

30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday 

    • Thank you . The sweet peas – and me have just arrived home and I’m amazed to see how well they have stood up to the journey. Also amazed how many lovely conversations they sparked along my journey. So many people stopped to chat to me- whether on the tube – or waiting for a taxi. I didn’t expect that. People smelled the sweetpeas and enjoyed squishing the little bunch of herbs to release the scent of Rosemary and lavender. An unexpected bonus of carrying flowers with me to London. I haven’t felt lonely on my travels at all :)) x

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  1. Yes, we’ve been once and it is a trek – but well worth it! It’s vast – and the views are amazing! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Have you been before?
    Your sweet peas are lovely! Nice idea to take a bunch for the journey!

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    • I’ve not been for 10 years, so it was lovely to get the chance to go again. It was about 4 hours via train. Luckily I stayed overnight. It was really worth it. Amazing floral marquee, Rose festival and inspirational gardens. And I even bought a new pelargonium for the greenhouse. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated 🙂 x


  2. Not cheating at all, Karn – IAVOM does not have to be ‘in a vase’!!! I think it’s a wonderful habit to have, whatever the reasons behind it.I especially like the pale sweet peas with colour on the petal edges – they always look so delicate. Glad you had a good day – I have heard several people suggest that Hampton Court is always the most enjoyable flower show to go to – would you agree?

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    • Ah, thank you Cathy. That’s very kind of you. I was very grateful to have the rosemary and mint leaves in the posy when I got on the underground. So hot down there, when you are not used to it. The sweet peas survived the journey, looking a little wilted, like me. But have revived with a glass of water ( same as me!). Hampton Court is rather special. I think the grand setting sets the scene. And I loved the festival of flowers. The gardens were breathtaking-especially the Perennial Charity garden which was a real wow factor. Thanks again for your kind comments. x


    • Thank you Eliza. I am so glad I brought my posy with me. I don’t travel to London very often, but when I do I struggle with the heat, fumes and pace of things. I was just starting to wilt on the underground when I decided to rub the lemon balm and mint leaves. Instant revival! Thank goodness. Thanks for reading and for your kind comments. x

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  3. Kathy lovely photos of your garden upon waking up in the morning. Sweetpeas are wonderful in all colors and should smell divinely. The bouquet of flowers tied is very beautiful, very field and beautiful fragrances. Thanks for the pics of Hampton Court RHS, I hope you had a great time walking the grounds. Greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. It was really wonderful to see all the show gardens. There was even a festival of roses. I was in heaven! Thanks for reading and for your kind comments. Best wishes – karen x


  4. Hope you have a great day at Hampton Court FS! I feel a bit sad I’m missing the fun, as I’ve been lucky to attend three times previously. I love home, but Sometimes I think I’m living in the wrong country…at least May through September!

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    • I’ve had a fabulous day, Marian. There was so much to see. I’m sure I haven’t seen everything there. The gardens were amazing. And the flower marquee was full of colour and scent. And there was even a festival of roses! Ah, I can’t sleep from the excitement. Thanks for reading . More photos will follow. Thanks again. Karen x


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