What’s new for gardeners- what I’ve spotted at Glee

I am always on the look out for the latest gadget to make life easier in the garden. So I was really pleased to be invited to the garden industry event called Glee. Sadly there’s no singing and dancing – like the American tv show my daughters love to watch. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be….but I was hoping! Instead, there’s an array of new products you’ll get to see in garden centres, high street stores and supermarkets over the next 12 months.

Here’s what caught my eye at the sneak preview -held at the NEC in Birmingham this week.

Top of my list at Number 1 is a new nematode product from Neudorff. It controls chafer grubs, leatherjackets and vine weevils- but doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge. Neudorff is the first company to develop a nematode product that has a long shelf life- up to six months. This will make life so much easier. Currently, we have to order on line, or buy a voucher in a shop or garden centre, then wait for the nematodes to arrive in the post. Nematodes normally have to be stored in the fridge and used within a few weeks. I had an expensive failure when they were delivered by mistake to a neighbour, who was on holiday. By the time they arrived home, the nematodes were dead. Nematodes are a safe, natural biological control of pests and we are all trying to use them in preference to chemicals. Neudorff won the award for the best new garden care product at Glee.

No. 2 on my top list is this self-watering fruit and vegetable tower. I’m always on the look out for space-saving ideas, and this would be great for people with small gardens or patios. I’m going to grow strawberries, herbs and salads in mine. There’s a new compact blackberry that I might grow in there, called Little Black Prince, from the Lubera breeding programme. The self-watering tower was a runner up in the growing accessories awards category.

No. 3 on my list: Also from Haxnicks is this water saucer with a wick. You stand your container on top, feed the wick through the bottom of the pot – and off you go on holiday. No coming home to dead or wilting plants. Such a simple idea – and it works.

No. 4 on my list is this cream plastic container from elho. It has a see-through lid which makes it great for starting off seedlings in the spring. But the selling point for me is the integral hooks. The container will balance on a fence, or balcony rail. I’m going to use these at a school where they will brighten up a playground fence. The Green Basics Growhouse Flowerbridge won first place in the growing accessories category at Glee.

No. 5 on my list is this new weeding tool from Burgon and Ball. I never use chemicals on my lawn, and I don’t mind the primroses and self heal that flourish there. But I need to keep an eye on dandelions and thistles. So I’ve ordered one of these to keep a balance between weeds and grass. I’m hoping it will be better for my back, as less bending will be needed. The Wonder Weed Puller won first place in the new tools and machinery category.

No. 6 is this pretty and practical pin board, also from Burgon and Ball. Regular readers will know that I have a little potting shed at home. You might also have noticed a lack of photos recently from said potting shed. It is a complete mess in there. After a very busy summer, all my tools and equipment are in a heap and I can’t find the string. I’m determined to restore order and a pin board for keys, flower snips, string and my “jobs to-do” list would be just the thing.

N0. 7 on my list is this snazzy apron with lots of pockets- also from, you’ve guessed it- Burgon and Ball. To be honest, I could have just brought home the whole stand from Burgon and Ball. I loved everything from their new range at the show. The apron would be useful for me because I am always losing things. Tonight I’ve got to go outdoors and upturn five green recycling bins in search of the secateurs- last seen balancing on a wheelbarrow full of weeds. Sigh.

Also on show, and winning the home, gifts and clothing section, were some super comfy new gardening gloves from a company called Gold Leaf. The RHS Collection poppy, rose and Iris decorated gloves would be perfect for Christmas or birthday presents. I’ve made strong hints to my family. Several, in fact. No photos here I’m afraid, as the stand was so busy, I couldn’t get near it. Which is a good sign indeed for the company.

No. 8 are these new ceramic planters from……Burgon and Ball. I said I liked that company, didn’t I. I think it’s just become my new favourite. I was impressed B&B knew the plant names too. This one apparently is a rhipsalis – or mistletoe cactus. Isn’t it gorgeous. I hope they send me a cutting – and the pot! Fingers crossed.

Yes, I could really see these swinging from the potting shed roof. It would certainly draw attention away from the messy compost-strewn floor.

No. 9 Now, I can really picture this little oven outside my potting shed door. It would be great for impromptu snacks for visitors to my shack. Isn’t it adorable. It’s a fire pod- from the company with the same name called The Fire Pod. It won best new product in the outdoor entertaining category. I am not at all surprised. I love it.

Not on my list -but to give you a taste of what else is in store for autumn 2017/18 – I spotted these. Not at all sure where I would put them to be honest. I would love to know which gardens they are destined for. There seems to be a bit of a giraffe theme going on here.

However, at no. 10 on my must-buy list is this. Well, it really made me laugh. And who doesn’t need a baby dragon in their garden. It would be quite happy next to the fire pod, no doubt.

What do you think of my selection from Glee? Which are your favourites from the new product line-up. I’m just heartened to see money being invested in innovation. It’s good news for gardeners and also for the gardening industry.

18 thoughts on “What’s new for gardeners- what I’ve spotted at Glee

  1. Great round up Karen, the Neudorff nematodes are particularly interesting, I will certainly keep an eye out for these. The Burgon & Ball planters look ideal for indoor plants and Christmas presents!!

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  2. Karen I love all the products, you should have take a good time and then think to put between everything you have seen. What I like the most are the nematodes of Neudorf: they are very useful in the biological fight in the garden. And what I need most is the chalkboard to hang tools and small things gardening: I also have all the tools thrown. Do not blame Karen for having the neglected shed. I would have loved to be there with you seeing a lot of things. Memories to his Mother. Greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. You are so kind. Yes, the nematodes would be so useful. I have vine weevils in the greenhouse. I won’t use chemicals because of all the bees and beneficial insects in my garden. But I can use nematodes. Like you say, they are very useful as biological controls of pests. Mum came to visit yesterday and we cleaned the greenhouse from top to bottom and took all the plants out, cleaned them up, and put them all back in. What a lot of work. But we were cheerful in each other’s company. I’m hoping she will come again next week and help with me with untidy potting shed. I’m so lucky to have her. I’ve ordered two chalkboards. Determined to be tidy! Have a lovely weekend. Thank you again. Greetings from Karen and Mum xx


      • Karen her Mother has a great vitality: to clean the entire greenhouse by herself! I could not have. It is a great help to you and I guess you a great company. My Mother is my accomplice, but unfortunately she suffers from a very rare disease that little by little keeps her from long distances and has many pains. She has been my partner in all trips abroad, until she broke her ankle in Switzerland. But even with plates and screws that put it on, we went 5 years later to a 25 day tour of Morocco: Marrakech is a fairytale, its place is beautiful and changeable all day at night. Excuse me Karen that I have talked about with my Mother, who also loves gardening and helps me as much as possible. I think we have some special First Mothers. That it is very good to order the Shed. Memories to his Mother. Greetings from Margarita.

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      • Dear Margarita, my mother is my constant companion in all matters gardening! It is wonderful to share a love of gardening with someone. We travel together to gardens all over Britain. But like you, we can’t travel abroad to easily due to health issues. I would dearly love to visit Marrakech. Perhaps one day, when there are not so many family responsibilities, we will be able to investigate. It sounds truly beautiful. I am so sorry to hear of your mother’s illness. We both are blessed to have such wonderful mothers. I speak to my mum every day on the phone at bedtime, and I try to see her twice a week, at least. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday. Mum and I are off to visit a garden that’s open to charity today. Much love- and special greetings from mum- and Karen xx


    • I can’t wait for that weed puller to arrive. I’ve been (unsuccessfully) managing with a kitchen knife, on hands and knees. Yes I saw lots of really fab new products. I just need to save up now to buy some of them. Thanks for reading and for getting in touch.

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  3. You did well to find all these products, Karen. I was on the lookout for the Fire Pod but didn’t see it, love it, especially in red! And the weed puller … yep, need one of those! Burgon & Ball were the stars of the show, deservedly so. Lovely to see you there, hope to bump into you again soon! Caro x

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    • Ah, what I did was arrive at lunchtime, and then ask Michelle (vegplotting) where the best things were. She’s the best source of info. Then I tucked into cake and two cups of tea – and entered the fray. That fire pod took some finding. It was tucked away, but I was so determined to track it down. Have put in an immediate order. Have just the spot at my potting shed doorway. Can just picture making pizzas for visitors. Will be able to pick the herbs and tomatoes right alongside and sling fresh in the oven. Burgon and Ball won my award for the best display there- and the best cake. Lovely to see you too. Glad you had a great day out too. xx


  4. Oh that sounds as if it must have been a most interesting and enjoyable day Karen. Thanks for telling us about all these these new products. I’m going to investigate some of them further. I especially like the ceramic planters and who could possibly resist a baby dragon?

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    • Thank you Anna. There were absolutely thousands of items to wade through, but I just focussed on what I would find useful- and pretty. I’ve not got any stone ornaments in my garden, but you know, that dragon made me smile. And we all need more reasons to smile, don’t we. Thanks so much for reading. x


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