Products on Trial- Bloomin’ Amazing Soil Enricher

As we are in August now, it might seem odd starting with a photo taken on the 5th March. There’s scented spring bulbs in pots, and root trainers contain broad beans. Summer days full of flowers, fruit and veg are months away.

But I’ve been carrying out a six month trial of new soil improver, Bloomin’ Amazing. So I needed to re-wind back to spring, where it all started. I sowed broad bean De Monica on February 25th, but half were eaten by mice. I re-sowed the root trainers March 1st, and you can just see they sprouted by March 5th.

On March 25th I weeded the plot and spread the soil improver. I have 10 beds, 1.3m wide by 3m long, with little slab paths between. It’s a no-dig garden following the system of growing made famous by Charles Dowding. No-dig means no heavy double digging over the winter. Basically, after harvesting crops, you just add a few inches of compost and plant through. Not digging the soil means weed seeds are not brought to the surface to germinate. And soil creatures such as worms and black beetles are not damaged. Worms are left in peace to aerate the soil, and beetles eat the slugs.

Bloomin’ Amazing is a by-product of a renewable energy business, following from a joint venture between the Duchy of Cornwall and three farmers. It’s made from farm crops, maize and rye.

I found it easy to handle. It’s fairly light, I didn’t have any difficulty manoeuvring the bag, and the product is dry and easy to spread.

I set out my broad beans in two rows along the bed, and then drew the soil improver around them as a mulch.

The plants thrived and grew strongly. The mulch seemed to deter slugs. I didn’t use any other slug killers or deterrents and the plants were hardly touched. I realise this might be partly down to the weather. It was a cold spring and few slugs were about initially.

I started off with really good, healthy plants using the Haxnicks root trainers. Although they are plastic, I will carefully wash and re-use them. They are strong enough to last for years. I must admit, I ordered them before we all became aware of the problems with plastic.

I didn’t have time to weed or work on this bed again until July 12th when these photos were taken. I’m really delighted with the weed -control element of the mulch, and it must have fed the beans because they are the best I’ve ever had. No other fertilisers were used on this bed.

We’ve been eating broad beans for weeks, and I’ve filled the freezer too so there will be a little taste of summer in the middle of winter.

In amongst the beans I grew Lady Christl and Charlotte potatoes. I didn’t have time to earth them up, just relying on the mulch to keep in the moisture and exclude the light. And again, none of the potatoes were munched by slugs. Usually a few have holes in them.

Links : Blooming Amazing and supplier info:

De Monica broad beans: Mr Fothergill’s :

Charlotte potatoes:

Lady Christl potatoes :

Charles Dowding no dig courses:

9 thoughts on “Products on Trial- Bloomin’ Amazing Soil Enricher

  1. Sounds a great idea. I do not really like potatoes so no chips or baked potatoes for me. I will eat “new” potatoes as they still taste like vegetables to me then. Is there any way to grow little potatoes in my mild, dry area? What variety would you recommend? Amelia

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  2. It looks as if the fertiliser was a success. I had never realised that Jackie’s planting method was following a no digging plan. She puts fresh potting compost into all her containers, and the old onto the beds – as you can imagine, there is a lot of it.

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    • Thank you Derrick. That’s great to hear. Yes, Jackie is very much in fashion if she is doing the no-dig method with putting old compost on the beds. It really makes good sense. All the best. Karen

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  3. Thanks for sharing this trial. It looks interesting. Certainly worth a visit to Nottcutts/Wheatcrofts for me.

    Does the bag give some sort of idea of NPK in the material?

    Im interested to note that the way it is made actually produces gas for the grid.

    And worth noting that Charles Dowding’s blog and site seems that he often doesn’t have to re-mulch after harvest.
    I’d guess this product is perfect for people who don’t have the space for compost heaps but want a worthwile mulch. You certainly got good results. Thanks for sharing!

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    • It’s 5.2.4 NPK Suella. I’ve asked Wheatcrofts to get some more in for me. They have a few bags left. Worth investing in, if like you say, you haven’t got your own compost available. I think how much compost you need depends on what you are growing. Charles Dowding mostly grows salads and veg.

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