Little Green Paper Shop- Review

I need little excuse to send cards to friends and relatives. I love keeping in touch with cheerful notes, and this year it seems even more important that usual to try to keep a connection. But I’m usually disappointed with the cards I see for sale. They are often single -use items, covered with embellishments and glitter. Not always recyclable. So I was happy to see a sample pack of eco-friendly stationery from the Little Green Paper Shop.

Founded by Ana in Cheshire in 2014, the online shop stocks a range of beautiful cards made from such intriguing substances as elephant dung and cotton fibre, and apparently, reindeer droppings. The elephant dung paper is hand-made in India and provides a source of income for elephant sanctuaries which the makers support.

Ana started by supplying wedding stationery, but has branched out to provide cards, crackers and wrapping paper for Christmas and other special occasions. Ana designs, prints, cuts and packages the items, and it’s very much a family affair with her husband and two sons helping out.

The samples I received are so delightful – and made me smile- I have placed an order for Christmas, and I’m planning to have some business cards printed. I fancy the idea of having cards made from seed paper which can be planted and will grow. Truly something earth-friendly and worth giving. Quite different from the throw-away cards you usually see.

Kitten Monty likes them too! And cats, as you know, are never wrong.

Please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page and Ana will select one person to receive a sample pack of cards and paper.


I didn’t pay for my samples, but as usual, there’s no obligation to write about them, and I only say nice things when I want to, and in this case, I think the cards are unusual and truly special. I’m happy to recommend the Little Green Paper Shop.

Thanks for reading. I’m @kgimson on twitter, and karengimson1 on instagram, so do say hello there as well.

12 thoughts on “Little Green Paper Shop- Review

  1. Karen what a joy to read this lovely blog: you always find treasures. Little Green Paper Shop is a line of ecological stationery made by Ana by hand with her family that I love. The ecological paper made with elephant dung and cotton fibers, from seeds of two types that can be planted later and flowers come out, from fibers of sugar cane and cotton, from reindeer droppings: I love it. I love Christmas cards as well as all the variety of Ana’s stationery and cards. Precious Monty loves cards! She is so handsome! Thank you very much Karen for showing us this charming ecological line of handmade stationery by Ana. And thanks for the link: I’ve been looking at it and I think I’m going to order Christmas cards, I love them. I hope you are all in good health in your family, because Covid is increasing a lot in the United Kingdom. A lot of health, a lot of strength, a lot of encouragement, a lot of positive thinking and a lot of love for your whole family, Mr B and for you, Karen. Stay safe. Loving caresses for Grace, Meg and Monty. All my love and a big hug for everyone. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx😘🙏🌼🌼🌼


  2. Karen, You are such a lovely person. Would you be interested in a Sizzex cutting machine to make you some paper stamps or emobssing cards? I have just been given one and am not sure I would get a vast amount of ussage out of it.. I’ll investigate it further and if it works let you know. Happy to deliver it

    Thank you so much for the amazing surprise on my door step. I’m thrilled!

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    • Thank you for your lovely, kind words. Ooh, yes please. Something to play with over the winter. I can collect, as I’m often your way to collect prescriptions etc. Xx 😘


  3. Monty sure is a large kitten, he can’t be far off being fully grown. As you say, cats know best, they know what they like and Monty, not being an exception has impressed his paw-imprimatur all over the Ana eco productions.

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  4. I’d be very interested in cards (but not Xmas cards) as I’m horrified when I see each card in a shop wrapped in cellophane that goes straight in the bin when you open it. Bonkers. I will have a look at the website an of course cats are never ever wrong so that’s a big tick from Monty.

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    • Thank you Julie. I knew you’d agree with me about cats! The cards are wrapped in Nativia, a bio-based film which is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable. The cards feel and look special and good quality, so no compromise there. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Have a great week. 👍🙂💛 Karen


    • Thank you Lynne. The cards are wrapped in a bio-based film which is compostable. The cards and paper feel very much like a quality product, so there’s no compromise there. And the designs are delightful. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Have a great week. Karen 👍💛🙏 x


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