#wordlesswednesday – memories

Flowers and foliage from the garden- a tribute to my dad William Spibey, and my dear grandad Ted Foulds. I was always in my grandad’s shadow as he gardened. He grew all the vegetables for the family, and I watched and learned. Precious, happy memories. They are never far from my thoughts.

18 thoughts on “#wordlesswednesday – memories

  1. What a a beautiful tribute Karen for two special people. Sadly my parent’s and grandparent’s graves are too far away for me to visit regularly but we have planted little spring flowering bulbs around my parent’s gravestone.

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    • Thank you Anna. Luckily the graveyard is in the village I was born in and all my family still live in that area. I will eventually rest my head there. Not yet though, I hope 🙂 x


    • I used to go every week when they first died. We’ve planted little snowdrops and spring bulbs and wild violets. Brings some comfort to see some beauty growing there. I take flowers from my garden as my grandfather used to come here every Sunday to see what I was growing and to give his advice. Thanks for reading xx


  2. Karen is a tribute full of love. Never forget them and always keep them in mind. I tell you from experience. In 1994 my older brother died of cancer. I know he is always with me and I with him, despite being in heaven, where I hope to meet him again. Karen from your Grandfather learned many things: Good! Every time you use one of his teachings, remember him and you will be happy. From your Father you learned many other things: do the same as with your Grandfather. The sadness for the loss of loved ones never disappears, but in this way of many joys and beautiful memories come to you. They will be very proud of their granddaughter and daughter, always taking care of her with all her love. Karen my apologies for having talked about this very personal issue in which I have no right to say anything. But seeing that beautiful bouquet of flowers and reading your words, I had to tell you about my brother who was a second father to me. Forgive the intrusion. Much love for your Mother and many strengths and affection for you. Very warm greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. So sorry for your loss. You are right, they are always with us in our hearts and beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing your story. Your words bring comfort to me. We share many feelings about our families, don’t we. Thank you as ever for your kindness and compassion. It is always much appreciated. Greetings to you and your family. Love from Karen and Mum xx


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