Six on Saturday. Simple Christmas Decorations from the Garden.

I should be making mince pies. Or cleaning the house. Instead, I creep outside and lose an hour or two, messing about with twigs and foliage. I am happy.

This simple wreath is made from silver birch twigs, twisted in a circle and bound with twine. It’s an ever-changing scene. Ephemeral. A fleeting beauty. Blackbirds feast on the rosehips. Gusts of wind carry off the old man’s beard, back to the hedgerow where it belongs. It mirrors nature. Nothing is static. I add fresh ivy leaves, Scots pine, crab apples. Dried hydrangea flowers amongst cow parsley “stars.”

For the front door, I’m copying an American idea. I’m mocking up a container. I cut some branches of blue fir and pine and stand them in a favourite terracotta plant pot.

Scrunched- up newspaper holds everything in place. I add coloured willow and dogwood stems. In front, I place a potted skimmia, as a focal point. You could add a white hellebore, or white cyclamen if you wish. A few hazel branches with cheerful early catkins complete the display.

A collar of moss hides the newspaper. It’s a cross between gardening and floristry and no one will know I’ve just used twigs and not splashed out on lots of new plants.

As a final flourish, I add mouldable fairy lights with thin copper wire. They cost £2.50 from Wilkinson’s and can be used with rechargeable batteries.

I’m joining in with Six on Saturday, Why not go over and see what others are doing in their garden at this time of the year.

As it’s Christmas, I’m sure no one will mind if I add a bonus photo. I made this heart from two willow stems. Hold them both in one hand, bend the first one over and then hold in the middle. Bend the second one over, and secure with twine. Easy, and costs nothing to make.

I’m heading indoors now to make those mince pies! I feel so much better for spending time in fresh air, and the house, garden – and me – are all ready for Christmas!

Have a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas. Try to make some time to “escape” to the garden, when you can.


42 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. Simple Christmas Decorations from the Garden.

  1. You shouldn’t be making mince pies and cleaning! You bring floral joy to others. Some of us are totally deficient in gardening skills. SKILLS is the right word for me — take off both esses (s’s??) and you have my talent, KILL. I love your way with plants and flowers, and your photos are gorgeous. I would gladly swap some Christmas goodies for one of your creations if you lived next door. You’d have to go elsewhere for cleaning services.

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  2. Yes, the fresh air is good after being indoors all week and homemade decorations are always the best. I really like the hearts – must try that if I come across some willow. 🙂 Happy Christmas!

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    • Thank you Cathy. It’s really easy to do. When you’ve made one, try doing it with two stems for each side of the heart. They twist together to look really pretty. I made a loop, then tied them in the middle, and then made the other loop and wrapped some more twine round. Willow stems that are only one year old are best as they are flexible enough to bend without snapping. I’ve got some red dogwoods I’m going to try as well. Happy Christmas xx

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  3. Karen your crown of birch twigs with many more things like ivy, crab apples, dried hydrangea flowers among cow parsley: I love it, it’s beautiful, I like it a lot, everything is the most beautiful nature. The pot is a marvel: I have been left with my mouth open to see how much I love it. With Fairy lights it is as if the Fairies had made the arrangement of the flowerpot and they had left you illuminated with their magic wands in front of the door of the Summer House in your garden. I love the heart with the two willow stems and the dry hydrangea: it’s beautiful. I really like that you took some time for yourself and went out to the garden and decorated it so beautifully. As you said in one of your answers “It’s raining today but I look out the kitchen window and see the decorations and I enjoy Christmas.” I’m very glad that you make it between cake and meatloaf. Karen that you and yours also have a wonderful, quiet and Merry Christmas. Love and peace for everyone. Very loving greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. I’ve caught up with the cooking today. I didn’t mind being stuck indoors when I could look out into the garden and see my hearts and twiggy arrangements. You would have loved to see the little robin sitting on the field gate willow heart. I’m sure he thought I’d made it just for him. Loving greetings. Hoping for peace for everyone. Karen xx


    • Thank you 😊I’m on the next batch of mince pies.they keep disappearing faster than I can produce them. Glad I got outdoors yesterday. It’s pouring with rain today, but I can look outside and see lots of greenery and Christmassy decorations. Enjoy Christmas, and thanks for reading. x

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    • Thank you Linda. I didn’t really have the time spare to do it, but I felt so much better for a mooch around the garden. Everything has to be thrown together in ten minutes here. There’s so many people needing my time. Which I’m not complaining about. But I do sneak in a few minutes for myself where I can. Just now I’ve been out to the compost bins, and saw some white hellebores in full flower. Right. back to the cooking! Thanks for reading, and Happy Christmas. xx

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  4. I just love all your suggestions, Karen. So much prettier than anything plastic and bargains as well. The pot with the skimmia looks elegant and the pretty lights add another dimension.

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  5. What a pretty selection of material for your wreath, Karen – the fluffy clematis seedheads and the hydrangea flowers work so well, and your container looks mistveffective. Thanks for sharing the ideas – and don’t forget to email me your address so I can send the voucher you won in my draw back in November!

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    • Thank you. I saw it on Facebook via American friends. Thought I could copy that. Twigs can be composted after, so no waste. Looks lovely by the front door. Im making one for the back door with euonymus silver queen and grey santolina. Took 10 minutes to make 😊 x


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