In a Vase on Monday- flowers for Christmas

In haste. As I’ve just found another Christmas present to wrap. I bought it months ago and stashed it in a “safe place.” I’ve only just remembered where said place is! If ever I give the impression of being well organised, don’t take any notice. I’m running round in a panic half the time. Anyway, for my last IAVOM of the year, here’s some photos of my front door wreath. I’ve run round the garden and collected evergreen foliage. In the poly tunnel I found white alstroemeria, cut back in August and forced for December. White Stallion chrysanthemums have been flowering since October. They are just going over, with a pink tinge to the petals. A perfect match for pittosporum. There’s two sprigs of scented freesia left over from a birthday bouquet. They last for ages in a cool place. I always prop everything up in front of the potting shed window where I can see if there are any gaps.

My favourite hedgerow ivy and bits of conifer set off the flowers. Silk tassel bush and Scots pine add a Christmassy note. And there’s always rosehips in everything I make.

Meanwhile, all our five bar gates have been draped in willow hearts. Something to cheer the walkers as they pass by.

Wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful and happy Christmas. Thank you to Cathy for hosting my favourite meme, IAVOM. I’ve enjoyed joining in this past year. Looking forward to seeing what you are all growing in your gardens in 2019. I’m excitedly perusing the seed catalogues already! And hoping to be more organised in everything I do.

28 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- flowers for Christmas

  1. Oh, alstroemerias! Back when I grew them in the mid 1980s, there were none in white yet. (If there were, we did not grow them.) Native silk tassel grows in some of our landscapes that were landscaped with natives. It is quite happy, probably because it gets not water. (That is the most common problem with it.)

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  2. IMPORTANT NEWS! You are my new winner of the Moleskine Gardening Journal! I had to chose someone else as it’s been impossible to contact the original lady – so congratulations!! I just need your address so I can post it to you xx
    Carrie (A Stubborn Optimist)
    P.S. Lovely blog

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  3. Karen your crown is magnificent, I love the white alstromeria, the chrysanthemums “White Stallion” and pittosporum. With the ivy, the conifers, the Scots pine and the silk beard bush and the red rose hips is a wonderful and fantastic crown for the door of your house. I’m glad you put those lovely willow hearts on the five-bar door that leads to the road: they’ll please the walker. It has made me happy, thanks Karen. I have not written to you before because on Saturday my brother and his wife who live on the island of Mallorca came and left this morning and did not leave me a free moment. But as a priest friend told me: “Christmas does not end until January 6 when the Three Wise Men of the East were worshiping the Child Jesus and gave him gold, incense and myrrh.” Karen I wish you and yours a Christmas full of peace, joy and happiness; and a New Year 2019 full of health and love, in which all your wishes are fulfilled. Merry Christmas! Greetings from Margarita.

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    • Thank you Margarita. We are all just back from visiting my sister in law in Essex. We had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by the whole family. I slept really well under the eaves of a thatched cottage. When I looked out of the window, I could see frost over all the surrounding fields and water dripped from the thatch. It was quiet as a mouse. Thank you for all your good wishes. Wishing you love, peace and joy for 2019. I’m looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring. Much love , karen xx


  4. All your wreaths are beautiful, Karen. I’m thrilled with the first one. I’ve never thought of adding Alstroemeria to mine but it’s a great idea, especially as I have a vague recollection of seeing an early Alstroemeria bloom in my garden recently (although it was a non-Christmas-y shade of pink…). Best wishes with the last-minute wrapping and merry Christmas!

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    • Have a wonderful Christmas. I’ve literally just started throwing bits of holly and blue fir down the middle of the table and stuffing candles in glass jars. All will be well. Hopefully xx


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