Bird Feeder Prize Draw

Just a quick reminder to please leave a comment on my post here * to be included in this week’s prize draw for a bird feeder kindly donated by CJ Wildlife. It’s a lovely little feeder which looks good, and keeps the bird food dry. It come with 1kg of insect suet food, and normally costs around £18.99.

I’ve ordered one for my garden, plus sunflower hearts, high- energy seeds and dried mealworms. I’m stepping up my attempts to look after the birds in my garden after this year’s disastrous count for the RSPB BigGardenBirdWatch.

The prize draw ends at 10pm tonight (Friday 1st Feb). Sorry, UK entries only.


Jupiter Suet Feeder from CJ Wildlife

RSPB #BigGardenBirdWatch

10 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Prize Draw

  1. After the snow a couple of days ago, all the sunflower hearts in the front garden had been eaten. We have a feeder in the front and the back gardens…with finches prefering the front garden, and all the different tits the back garden. Another feeder would be a bonus, as we have had the old feeders for over 15 years! I wash them out with disinfectant every couple of months.

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    • Thank you Kathy. Thanks for reading. It’s much appreciated. So pleased I’m not talking to myself on here. I started this as a garden diary to remind myself what I’ve grown. Now it’s more like a penfriend letter, like I had at school. I love receiving instant replies. All the best. Thanks again. Karen


  3. I have spent 10 days looking after a friends garden. She has a bird table, fat balls, a food station. Its been lovely to watch the birds whilst staying there. Has encouraged me to do more at my allotment plot for the birds 😀🌿. Lovely blog, Karen.

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    • Thank you Claire. Sounds like a lovely place to stay. I’m really enjoying messing about with my bird feeders and watching to see what happens. A new and engaging hobby. Thanks for your kind words re the blog. Much appreciated.


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