Mastergrip Gloves on Trial.

Review and prize draw for gardening gloves.

I’m not keen on cold wet hands, so I always wear gloves in the garden. Town and Country sent me some new Mastergrip gloves to try out.

The problem with gloves is you’ve often got a choice of wearing gloves- or doing some gardening. They aren’t always very flexible. So I’m often taking them on and off- and losing them.

In the past, I’ve just worn kitchen rubber gloves, but they are not ideal. They get hot and uncomfortable, and are easily damaged. However, Mastergrip have the advantage of being flexible and breathable.

I used them for dead heading in the greenhouse.

Pricking out and transplanting the delicate cherry tomatoes.

Weeding around the pot marigolds. These are seedlings of last year’s Calendula Orange Fizz.

The gloves are flexible enough to pick out tiny weeds. I’m not using any chemicals, so trying to keep on top of weeds is important for me.

Usually, I have to take my gloves off to do fiddly jobs like tying in the sweet peas. Luckily these gloves were easy to wear and stayed on for the whole morning while I was working in the veg plot, cut flower patch and greenhouse.

The information that comes with them says the palm and fingers have a latex coating. The back of the gloves are made from a breathable material for comfort and flexibility.

Mastergrip gloves, for everyday tasks, costs £6.99. There’s also Mastergrip Pro for tougher tasks, A thermal version for winter warmth, and a Mastergrip Patterns version for lighter tasks. There’s also versions for children, which is great. I’m always keen to get youngsters involved in gardening. They don’t usually take much persuading.

Town and Country sent these gloves unconditionally for a trial. I didn’t pay for them. However, I’ve been delighted with them, and I’m happy to recommend them.

The company has offered one pair for a prize draw. Please leave a comment below to be included in the draw. No purchase is necessary; names will be randomly selected by the company, and their decision is final. There’s no cash alternative. The deadline is Sunday 12th May, 8pm. Please also say if you don’t want to be included in the draw as all comments are welcome here. Enjoy your weekend gardening.

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16 thoughts on “Mastergrip Gloves on Trial.

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  2. As I’m getting back into gardening after a long illness these sound like just the thing. I know what you mean about constantly taking the gloves off, and losing them! I’d love to win a pair of these.

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  3. They look like great gloves. I tend to use the cheap cotton type ones because I seem to get through them so quickly! Your marigold is beautiful. I have some growing (no idea what variety – the packet just said calendula) but they’re nowhere near flowering yet, but I’m hopeful!

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  4. Gold leaf gloves are my favourite but the rate I get through gloves I could always do with new ones. I purchased some of these recently and they are pretty good although I don’t anticipate them lasting long. Please add me to draw.

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  5. Karen since I was bitten by a bug and I was made a pus full of pus I had to go to the hospital because my hand got very swollen, I use gloves, except for the seedlings because I have no touch. My gloves are very similar to the Mastergrips and as I use size 9 or 10 and my hands are long and very thin they are wide and my trick is to put under white gloves 100% cotton that the waiters use. I really like the pink and white geranium of the Greenhouse, which by the way is beautifully overflowing with plants. The Orange Fizz Caléndula I love. If I can enter the draw, I would like to: but the shipping costs to Spain are expensive. Well, I’m glad you’re comfortable and you like the Mastergrip gloves to work with. Karen love, health, strength and happiness for your whole family and for you. Take care and rest. Happy Sunday. Loving greetings from Margarita. 🙂

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  6. I almost lost my goldleaf gloves today. Put one in the compost bin. Found it after checking other options then fished out from under wet grass cuttings. These sound good I don’t like gloves much because of the restrictions but growing teasel and more climbing roses made them a must.


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