Six on Saturday. A view of my garden on 11 May 2019

Here’s some photos from my garden diary today for #sixonsaturday. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the tulips. They’ve provided colour and joy for two months. Surviving the torrential rain and hail, they are tougher than they look.

Carnival de Nice. Reminds me of summer days with striped bunting, deckchairs and raspberry ripple ice cream.

Angelique. Like apple blossom. Petals start a deep blush pink then fade to translucent white. I love the colour-changing beauty of tulips.

Black Parrot. More elegant than some of the parrot tulips around. A joy in terracotta pots amongst grey lavender. Viola Antique Shades provides a perfect match with purple and coppery tones. These have been flowering since last October. Good value.

Darwin hybrids, from a cut flower mix, planted at Christmas. Reminds me of a peach sundae.

I’ll be lifting these tulips and planting them in the orchard to flower next year. One tiny patch provides so much variety, planted only 1″ apart. I’ve earmarked the spot for cosmos and larkspur. Cut flowers until October. Behind them, sweet peas planted only a fortnight ago are half way up their hazel rod supports. There will be sweet-scented flowers by June.

Links :

Cut flower mix tulips :

Carnival de Nice

Angelique :

Black Parrot tulip

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31 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. A view of my garden on 11 May 2019

  1. Love Angelique, must get some again this autumn. My tulips are done, or very nearly. Mystic Mistress is not going without a fight, but a puff of wind and she’ll be done. I am waiting impatiently for bulb foliage to die down so I can plonk cosmos, marigolds and zinnia on top of them!

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  2. My tulips finished a couple of weeks ago, a bit too early, but I loved them whilst they were here. Carnival de Nice is rather splendid and yes, definitely raspberry ripple ice-cream! I wish everything would slow down though, we seem to be speeding through the year and I want to enjoy late spring for as long as possible.

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  3. Karen, I love your tulips. Tulip Carnival of Nice is cheerful and I like it a lot. Tulip Angelique is a lovely lady. Tulip Black Parrot is spectacular. Tulip Hybrid Darwin has a wonderful color and shape. So many tulips together of different colors and shapes I love them and they make me smile. Karen thank you very much for the links, they are very good. Have a good weekend. Karen love, health, strength and happiness for your whole family and for you. Take care and rest. Loving greetings from Margarita. 🙂

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  4. I thought Carnival de Nice was a peony, it’s so lush! I do love Angelique, though. Easy to see why you’ll miss these beautiful blooms. You do a great job w/companion planting – the colour schemes are beautiful. On to the crab apple blossoms!

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    • Thank you Lora. I’ve picked some branches of apple blossom and decorated the potting shed. I feel much better now. I always feel sorry to see tulips finish flowering. The same with the snowdrops. Then something always comes along to bring cheer.

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    • Don’t they just! I pondered on why my flowers always make me think of food. I think It’s because I love picnics and there’s always a jug of home grown flowers on the picnic table. Food and flowers go together. Thanks for your kind comments. Enjoy the weekend x

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    • Thank you. I’ll really miss them, but looking around, the crab apples are in flower, and there’s lilac and honeysuckle, and one rose. I always feel sorry though when one flowering season moves on. I want to hold on to each season.


  5. Beautiful tulips. I have four that are still looking good and I’ll miss them when they’ve finally finished. That was good planning with the violas and the Black Parrot!

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