Gardeners World Live – two tickets to give away

Gardeners’ World Live is a favourite show. I get the chance to see stunning show gardens, buy plants and meet friends for a catch up. Luckily, it’s a relatively short car journey to the NEC in Birmingham – there’s no travelling into London and battling for space on a seat on the underground. It’s a fairly straightforward journey and easy parking. It’s always a lovely relaxing experience, with plenty of space to move about.

The organisers have kindly offered two free tickets in a prize draw for readers of this blog. The tickets are for Sunday 29 August only, with an entry slot from 12pm onwards. To enter, just leave a comment below and your entry will be put into a computer random name generator to select the winner. Please note, if you wish to park, there is a charge. The prize only relates to the show entry ticket. Details below for parking. There is no cash alternative, and the organiser’s decision is final.

Here’s some photos I took when I last attended the GWL show in 2019. Enjoy the virtual tour!

The Watchmaker’s Garden won best in show in 2019. My sister in law Rozanne and her husband Paul grew some of the plants for the award-winning garden, including the watercress shown in the stone tank by the front door.

I wrote about the show garden here :

Here’s some more photos from the show:

A canal-side cottage garden.

A contemporary garden.
A rill water garden.
A garden with en elevated seating area.

Prize winners will be announced on the blog on Monday evening 5th July. Please be aware of scams. No one will contact you about this, other than a message on my blog. It’s sad we have to worry about these things, but we just have to be careful.

Regarding parking, the organisers provided the following information:

Prize winners will need to redeem their e ticket by 19 August to attend on the 29th August.

Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy the weekend.

31 thoughts on “Gardeners World Live – two tickets to give away

  1. Hi, do you have any more free tickets for tomorrow please, I’d love to go, with the train fare it’s an expensive day out, I wouldn’t be able to resist buying plants and bulbs. Thank you, Lynda.

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    • So sorry Lynda, I didn’t see your message in time. I was busy working at the show. If you contact me a month before next years event, I’ll try to sort out a ticket for you. All the best. Karen


  2. What a wonderful show, never been and would love to experience a day out there. May even stay overnight somewhere and pop to David Austin Roses while I’m in the ‘area’ ! Now that would be a trip to look forward to!

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  3. You’re coming through loud & clear. I would love to be put in for the Gardener’s World Live tickets! Your photos from last time have reminded me how wonderful a show can be. I have braved a visit to a local RHS partner garden, but this would be a real treat.

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  4. May I throw my hat into the ring to win the Gardener’s World Live tickets please? After 18 months of lockdown gardening it would be great to see some real-life gardens and gardeners again.

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  5. Theres been one constant and its had a resurgence …..the garden its been there for us all in many guises now it can be shown off celebrate it. How can you not smile a mile wide with others whilst your eyes and mind are being assaulted happily! Happy Days to all who make it happen

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  6. Hello,
    This is not a show I have visited for many years. I went in the first few years of its inauguration, I would like to see how it has moved on over the years. Ah well………

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  7. Karen I remember this blog. I love all the gardens, they are divine, magnificent, wonderful. But my favorite is the Garden of the Watchmaker, it always has been, I love it, it’s fabulous; also participate in some of your family plants, it’s great! Karen, thank you very much for all these magnificent photos of gardens, they have made me smile and have made me very happy: I look at them one by one for minutes. Karen don’t include me in the raffle for the tickets !!!! I wish I lived in the UK and could go. Health, strength, encouragement, hope, positive thinking and a lot of love for your whole family, Mr B and for you. Love for the gang. Take care. Happy weekend and hugs. Very affectionate greetings from Margarita xxx 😘🙏🌸🌺🌼💚

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  8. I remember the Watchmaker’ Garden and canalside garden from the television and presumably your blog too. I haven’t been to the show for a few years so would love to have tickets and perhaps I might see the show gardens this time…I have never managed to get near them before!

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    • Thanks Cathy. Yes, I loved visiting the show and then watching all the interviews on the television. Not to mention buying a few special plants. A nice reminder of a lovely day out. Good luck in the draw. Look back on Monday evening. Enjoy the weekend. Karen x

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      • Hurrah! I read the forwarded emails earlier but hadn’t had the chance to respond yet. Thank you so much. I guess you will be going too, but presumably on a ‘press’ day

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      • Congratulations Cathy. Yes, I’m going to the preview afternoon before the show opens. I’ll let you know what I think of the gardens and what’s worth searching out for. Enjoy 😊


      • Thanks Karen, and with 2 of us going it’s worth buying parking in advance and going by car, which is about the same price as 2 going by train – just in case I buy anything!

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