Gardeners’ World Live tickets winner…

Thank you everyone who joined in with the prize draw for tickets for this year’s Gardeners’ World Live Show. Names were put into a computer random generator and the winner is Cathy from Rambling in the Garden. Congratulations Cathy and enjoy your day out! My next prize draw is for a summer reading bumper box of gardening books. There’s been some stunning books published this summer and the publishers often send me an extra copy to give away. More details to follow. Thank you again for reading my blog. Have a great week! Karen G.

6 thoughts on “Gardeners’ World Live tickets winner…

  1. Congratulations Cathy !!! Enjoy your tickets a lot and have a great time !!! Karen thank you very much for handing out so many gifts on your blog. Very affectionate greetings to Karen and Cathy from Margarita 👏👍🌹🌹🌼🤗

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  2. Karen, Thank you for all the varied inofmation and things you offer your loyal readers. They are much appredicated. I’d love to put my name forward for your box of books. I would be happy to collect them directly and would then read and share with my various garden friends and colleagues. Should you wish I can offer you a lift to the Gardens worl event, as I haven’t bought a ticket yet, so am flexible about dates.

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